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  1. N

    Complete Newbie where do I start

    So I went out and bought a multi Gym Now what?? Might sound like a silly question but for someone new im a bit lost Seems to be an argument about weight vs reps? what weight should one start with how may reps What exercises How much and many workouts a week
  2. J

    Supplements for fat loss

    Any specific brand recommendations would be great! Currently taking L-carnitine, magnesium, fish oil, multi and digestive enzymes...
  3. O

    Force Monster G6

    Hi guys/girls I recently purchased the Force Monster G6 and am having problems putting it together. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated :confused: Cheers Ockdog
  4. Goosey

    Pre-fatigue discussion

    We know what it is. when we do multi joint movements the smaller muscle fatigue before there is any real inroad to fatigue of the larger muscleture in the exercise, hence doing multiple sets. as an example; (primary larger muscle) the press; (triceps) pre fatigue the delt's with a lateral...
  5. Big Mick

    Multivitamin Discussion

    Do you take them?? If yes which ones, if no why not?? Any research or opinions of why and why not. I currently take Cenovis Men's Multi Performance. Why?? Just in case, I do miss it often and will go without taking it for a while. Don't notice any difference if I take it and don't take it...
  6. W

    Squat Racks - Rogue SML and ...this other one

    Who knows about Rogue's SML racks and either of these? They all appear the same except branding... Crossfire Multi Assault Rack from GymDirect SPX Rack from AussieStrength URS Top Grade Rack from UrbanRX After reading a bit online I'm now just looking at the SML-2 or 3 and this other rack...
  7. D

    Multi Purpose Cross Training Rack/Half Rack

    Hi all. I am building a home gym and am currently looking at power/squat rack options. I came across the IronEdge Assault Rack and it looks great and would love to support by the sounds of it a quality Australian product however is a little out of price range. The half rack vs full rack is a...
  8. L

    Multi-Vitamin help :)

    Hey everyone, first post on the forum, and am loving it so far! I'm in the hunt for a daily multi vitamin, and am weighing up Anavite by Gaspari nutrition and Opt-men by Optimum nutrition. I've heard great things from Animal Pak and Orange Triad, however not too keen on taking that many pill...
  9. BrisVegasGhost

    Multi Grip Chin up Bar or Straight Chin Up bars?

    What's you preferred chin up bar? Straight or the Multi grip variety? I have never used a multi grip bar. I have only used a straight bar or a chin up bar that kicks down like a lat pull down attachment. For those that have the multigrips chin up bars do you use the variety of grips available...
  10. Gauche

    Multi V's

    Hey guys. Been out of the health and fitness land for a year now and I'm wondering what ausbb has come up with vitamins wise as of late. Last time I was active tresos B was popular and cheap. Anyone come up with new suppliers/brands for qaulity multi v's? Anyone still using Tesos B? Anyone...
  11. mocha

    any u guys had a 3some?

    1. are you married? And regularly participate? 2. have a gf/bf that you do it with? 3. whats it like? 4. girl/girl/guy? or guy guy girl? or guy guy guy?
  12. J

    Bodyscience multi?

    Has anyone tried or uses bci multivitamin? Just tossing up on what multi to buy.
  13. J

    Bodyworx multi lever gym & bench l500lg

    Hi I am looking at getting a bench. I am new to this but know that safety is a key when getting a bench and considering i will most likely not have anyone there to spot me i was looking at the below: Bodyworx Multi Lever Gym and Bench - Buy Cheap Bodyworx Multi Lever Gym and Bench discount...
  14. kindred

    How much do you think this multi gym is worth?

    ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Weider Pro 355 Multi Gym picture above. I want to sell it to a friend but im not sure how to price it as ive had it for 8+ years!
  15. R

    Where can i get a multi grip chin/pull up bar attachment for Power Rack

    Thinking about making my own power rack, been investigating quite a bit and i love the multi grip bars that a lot of racks have... Where can i get one of these from, presuming they are steel... P.S im only new so i cant PM yet Thx guys
  16. J

    What's your Multi?

    What's a good brand of multivitamin?
  17. M

    Are multi station home gym's worth the money?

    BOLT Multi Station Home Gym 2:1 Ratio Leg Press Multi Station Home Gym Something like that interests me. I do want to increase my upper torso the most (legs are fine too, if its part of the machine) and i figure that something like that might be more "useful" than using free weights and such. I...
  18. M

    Multi vitamins and Fish oil

    Was wondering what brands of these vit's and fish oil everyone uses please?
  19. E

    multi V for weight lifter?

    hey guys. just wanna have your opinion on Multi Vitamin for us who constantly hit out hard at those iron in gym.. im currently taking kirkland multi (bought it from costco that was recently open in melb). what dhayya think bout this ? i used to take animal pak but it really costly. anyone...
  20. Christian

    Bioceuticals Multi Vit

    Where to get in sydney at a good price..Health zone or whatever is a rip off in regards to everything.