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  1. S

    Do Steroids turn you into a Pervert?

    I've noticed that a number of people, both here and elsewhere, who take Steroids have the filthiest minds, are almost perverts, and I'm not limiting that to Cum Shot (he is a Pervert) and U.M. Do Steroids turn you into a Pervert or just bring the Pervert out in these people? Or do Perverts...
  2. Shrek

    Epic Leg Day - Tom Platz & David Hoffmann

  3. Cum Shot

    Chicken Breast

    I love chicken breast and i eat a shitload of it. I used to fry it in butter, though more recently i have started baking it in the oven. What i have noticed is that there is a lot of water sitting in the baking tray after each cooking session, i'm assuming this water should be deducted from the...
  4. L

    Medium grip bench press vs Wide grip

    I was messing with incline bench press yesterday, and I noticed I'm alot stronger with medium grip than wide grip. I have small pecs (narrower shoulders) and large arms. So my triceps probably benefit more. Also I've been hearing that you can get better "leverage" with a closer grip, and it's...
  5. I

    Swollen ankle

    Hi guys First time on here and I've got a question. I'm in my 7th week of test and tren cycle and all been going really good. I've put on good size and so far about 7kg weight. I'm 6ft and at the moment 106kg. The last week or so I've noticed my left ankle has swollen up a bit. Not alot but...
  6. S

    Deadlift Grip

    A couple month before Christmas I started to lift again and for once sticking to it. Anyway I had noticed my bicep felt dull and achy and after a look around on google it seems the deadlift is more than likely the issue. As most people the overhand grip works to a point and then people us the...
  7. R

    Iron Edge

    Looks like Iron Edge has gone bust (http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2537363) - I noticed that Gymquip is now selling Rehband sleeves and a new website is now selling Romaleos and bands (https://www.iron365.com.au/). Bit of a shame, but not really surprising since their gear was pretty...
  8. J

    Purchasing weight plates for home gym.

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy some olympic sized weight plates from gymdirect and I've noticed the variety of different sizes (25kg, 20kg). Was curious on what weight configuration do you guys recommend to get? Buy 2x25kg 2x20kg 2x15kg 2x10kg 2x2.5kg 2x1.25kg? Or any other configs you guys...
  9. Reide

    Waist width

    I've been doing more training then usual and have noticed my waist and hip measurements have increased. I'm guessing this is because I've been focussing on back muscles to help improve my posture. I'm pretty sure that it's not my diet. I'm vegan which pretty much eliminates 90% of bad foods...
  10. Jungnaut

    Claw Toes

    I've noticed lately my little pinky toe is starting to curl up like a shrimp and its not straightening out on its own accord. This affects my stability because it feels like I a walking with 4 toes instead of 5 and it hurts due to it rubbing against the toe next to it. Has anyone found a way to...
  11. Sandin Face

    Wanker's Hand

    Have any of you lot had experience with "Dupuytren's contracture"? I first noticed the annoying little lump in July. I haven't been doing any lifting since before that time (due to an unrelated medical issue), but it gets annoying pushing a lawnmower, so I would imagine it wouldn't be too good...
  12. S

    Bench Grip Width

    for most people grip width tends to change based on preferences, injuries, focuses, etc I am curious to hear from Ausbb about their grip preference Personally, I noticed I feel stronger with a closer grip
  13. Goosey


    Sitting on a lounge chair in Port Douglas today, It's very much like sun tanning, I love tanning I tan up real good, but too much leaves and has left spots an wrinkles over the years. i have olive skin, I tan quite easily, the intensity of the sun, the block out I use and the time I spend under...
  14. D

    What is your favorite steroid and why?

    I would like to know what your favorite steroid is.* I have been giving it some thought over the past couple of days, and with all the choices it seems hard to decide.* I mean, testosterone is THE steroid hormone, but there are so many options.* After a lot of deliberation, I have decided that...
  15. S


    I cant believe no ones reviewed this! such a great product! what is it: Carbohydrate formula Cost: 770g $49 or 1.9kg $85 or the large buckets $130+ What does it do: delivers dietary carbohydrates (duh) smell: unflavoured- smells nutty like almonds... i like it :) taste: unflavoured- a bit like...
  16. N

    Training in morning/day or night?

    I'd like to get a rough idea when the ideal time is to train, I've always trained early in the morning around 6am but I've noticed that if I'm a few meals deep I can train harder and for longer without fatigue. When do you train and why? n9rve
  17. Jungnaut

    Why is my True Protein Strawberry and Vanilla Flavoured WPI Hella Foamy?

    Have you guys noticed how foamy the strawberry&cream and Frenchvanilla flavours for True Protein is? :confused: No foam with the chocolate flavoured WPI, strangely enough. See, I just use one point five scoops, add a dash of water, shake it up like I normally do and it's so foamy its not...
  18. A

    Anyone noticed you've been working out

    Has anyone commented on your improved physique?
  19. A

    Last cycle>>

    I fellas Im going to do my last cycle soon It will be my third and final cycle just looking for some advise as in the previous cycle after pct I suffered from depression and test atrophy and has taken me 6 months to get back to norm Im asuming it is because my pct wasnt sufficent the cycle was...
  20. L

    Sick after cheat meal?

    So 5 weeks into a cutting diet.. have had the occasional low grade cheat meal, steak etc Yesterday thought I would reward myself with a dirty meal for the AFL grand final lunch with the boys.. Chicken Parmi/Parma, Chips and beer... Tasted amazing!! Couldnt believe I had gone 5 weeks without...