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  1. A

    Effexor XR

    Hey guys. I was just prescribed Effexor XR for depression. and i've been reading some very horrible things about it.. Did you gain weight, lose weight or no difference? Gain weight (89 votes [44.95%]) Lose weight (39 votes [19.70%]) No difference (55 votes [27.78%]) Don't know (15 votes...
  2. S

    Gaspari Halodrol

    has anyone on here tried Halodrol? Was thinking about running a cycle of it but was looking for some feedback on the product first.
  3. X

    Pre workout for focus at work

    Hi, I used to do power lifting and took the original mesomoporph pre workout to train. I don't lift anymore but I am interested in using some pre workout for energy when I am laying carpet, which is quite physical. Could anyone please recommend something that could match the old dmaa powders...
  4. Fadi

    Trump and the kingdom...

    100 years ago now, back in 1916, Dr Frankenstein created his masterpiece (so he thought), in the form of a monster. That 100 year old monster had a name, he was called Sharif Hussein bin Ali, you may recognise his legitimacy through the birth certificate under the title of the McMahon-Hussein...
  5. B

    FOR SALE: VIC Force USA VersaRack XL Full Setup

    Hi, I'm currently selling my full Force USA Power Rack setup, which I've only used a handful of times. (!) 1 x Force USA VersaRack XL - Folding Power Rack with all attachments (RRP $1,695.00) 1 x Force USA VersaBench XL - Folding FID Bench (RRP $449.00) 1 x Olympic Quick Lock Collars - Pair...
  6. A

    I Take That Challenge!

    Here's how it works. 1) A challenge is posted. 2) The next person who posts accepts the challenge, and must do the challenge within the next 5 days. If a challenge is accepted on a Tuesday, it must be completed by the end of day Sunday. ETC. 3) The next poster may also "throw a flag" on the...
  7. Reide


    So I know my schools rep isn't that great. I am considering furthering my education after I finish cert 4. The original plan was to do a nutrition and Dietetics course but I am considering doing a diploma in fitness. I know it's early since I don't finish till may. But I really prefer to be...
  8. S

    Planks vs. Weighted Sit Ups

    Do you feel planks have any value for ab strength, or am I better off sticking with weighted sit ups?
  9. Light Weight

    Do-Win lifting shoes

    Do-Win oly lifting shoes. Worn a handful of times but are just too big for me so they're up for sale. Size 43. White, grey and silver. Comes with original box. $100. May swap for lifting shoes in my size (US 9) Will post Australia wide.
  10. A

    A Woman Wore Her Fitbit During Sex And Replicated A Classic Experiment

    GADGETS A Woman Wore Her Fitbit During Sex And Replicated A Classic ExperimentDIANE KELLY12 AUGUST 2015 9:30 AM Discuss 10 Bookmark FACEBOOK TWITTER4 REDDIT LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ Redditor noveltysin wore her Fitbit while she had sex, and shared the resulting graph of her heart rate with the...
  11. W

    [FS] Inzer Forever Lever Belt (small/10mm/black) w/original e-receipt on request

    $60 shipped/$50 in person (Sydney) Selling my Inzer Forever Lever Belt (10mm/black); small size. The small will accomodate a waist size of 26-29 inches according to Inzer's website. However, I have a MEASURED (not pant size) waist size of 30.5, and there are still 4 holes at the end of the...
  12. B

    June 2015 Newsletter - our latest updates

    This month we're excited to announce all orders over $250 will receive a free 250g pouch of BCAA Recovery! While we stock 5 great flavours (Apple & Raspberry, Lime, Orange, Tropical and Watermelon), the free pouch will be a lucky dip of these, so no flavour requests will be possible. BCAA...
  13. M

    BO220BN + 155KG ABC Oly Grip Weights As New

    Ok so the story goes I was intending to build a garage and deck it out the gym equipment. This never happened and the oly bar and wights have been sitting in my study for display. The 2 x 25 plates are still in original box and the other weights are stacked in the corner of my study. I have put...
  14. steveP

    The movie heads-up thread

    I started this thread on another forum that doesn't get used anymore. So I'm restarting it here. I was thinking that there are a fair decent amount movies and documentaries on Free TV. Most people probably miss a lot of what's on due to the free-to-air TV guide being a bit tricky to...
  15. A

    Original - Prancercise: A Fitness Workout

    Prancercise taking the fitness world by storm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-50GjySwew
  16. A

    A remake that was better than original?

    A challenge to all - name a remake/remix that was better than the original version.
  17. A

    Ausbb critiqued my diet

    For anyone posting their diet up it would also help if you could include the following information... (1) Height (2) Weight (3) Age (4) Training goal (5) How many times you train per week (6) Approximate serving size of food (this would help greatly)
  18. B

    Original Sheiko Bench

    I have had this article kicking around the computer for a while and have been meaning to post it for a while mostly for Joe and any other aspiring bench monster. I can't vouch for the authenticity but on the face of it would appear to be a translation (very poor one) from a Russian article-...
  19. J

    THE ORIGINAL Bill Starr 5x5 training program

    There are many variations of 5x5 training.All are good because the basic principals are sound and what built strength and muscle in the past will still build strength and muscle. Here is the original, as it was first written No tweaks are needed. It works just as it is. Monday – Heavy...
  20. J

    Bill Starr's Original "5x5 for Beginners"

    This exercise is for beginners interested in strength training. Although it's a strength program, it's also good for bodybuilders, as long they are eating enough. This is the original variation by Starr for the beginner to training. In my opinion, even this beginner program will work and...