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  1. WoodyAllen

    Mr Olympia 2018

    Was waiting for one of the "I'm only interested in maintaining" gym rats/bodybuilder wannabe's to post about Mr Olympia but nothing happened so, here I am, powerlifter to the stars, starting a beauty pageant thread. With only 2 weeks to go, the lineup is about settled. So, who's going to come...
  2. Shrek

    Phil Heath interviewed by NPC editor Frank Seppe

  3. A

    Brisbane teenager in intensive care after becoming trapped under gym equipment

    A TEENAGE boy is in a critical condition in intensive care, after he became trapped under equipment at a Brisbane gym. Emergency services were called to the incident at the Pine Rivers PCYC about 8.30pm on Tuesday. QAS confirmed a teenage boy, believed to be aged 15, was taken to the Lady...
  4. Shrek

    Arnold v Phil

    Hard to believe that Phil has a smaller waist than Arnie had. http://au.iherb.com/?rcode=ZSG863
  5. Goosey


    Like a car What if Mr.Olympia was a showroom for a physique you could go out and purchase after the show? Then which Mr.Olympia would be the richest? Zane? Although not technically in the running , hands down you'd sell a lot of Steve Reeves and maybe 7 Phil Heath..only to receive 5 product...
  6. A

    Phil 2015 vs 2016

  7. A

    Phil Heath Parts Ways with Gifted Nutrition

    Phil "The Gift"Heath, reigning and 5-time Mr. Olympia champion, has parted ways with supplement company, Gifted Nutrition. In this exclusive FLEX interview, Phil Heath explains the end of his association with Gifted Nutrition...
  8. Shrek

    Mr Olympia 2016

  9. A

    Phil Heaths back lat spread progression throughout the years

    2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
  10. Shrek

    "Phil Heath Guest Posing AT 2016 NPC/IFBB Phil Heath Classic- March 12"

  11. A

    Phil Heath vs Kevin Levrone

  12. A

    Arnold Schwarzeneggers legs vs Phil Heaths legs

  13. A

    Big Ramy/Phil Heath Comparison: Single Arm Biceps Pose (Olympia 2015)

    Big Ramy/Phil Heath Comparison: Single Arm Biceps Pose (Olympia 2015)
  14. A

    2015 Mr Olympia Finals Top 5 Placing Phil Heath Dextor Jackson Shawn Rhoden Dennis Wo

    2015 Mr Olympia Finals Top 5 Placing Phil Heath Dextor Jackson Shawn Rhoden Dennis Wolf Big Ramy
  15. A

    Phil Heath After Prejudging Interview

  16. Shrek

    Mr.Olympia PHIL HEATH - UNCENSORED (NPC-Frank Sepe)

    4 Time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath Interview. Interview by Frank Sepe (NPC NEWS ONLINE EDITOR IN CHIEF) Discusses - Kai Greene, Haters, Fans, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Judging criteria, retirement, Olympia Preparation, Gifted nutrition ,retirement, Janet Layug, FMG, & more
  17. Shrek

    4x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath Guest Posing Video

    4x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath Guest Posing Video Filmed at the 2015 Atlantic States Championships
  18. Shrek

    Mr Olympia 2015

    Qualified Men's Open Standings http://mrolympia.com/2015/
  19. A

    Rare Interview - Phill Heath & Kai Greene

    Rare interview of Phil Heath and Kai Greene before the 2012 Sheru Classic. Rare as in referencing the cordialness of the interview between the two athletes!
  20. A

    Mr.Olympia PHIL HEATH's message to Arnold Schwarzenegger (judging)

    4- Time Mr. OIympia Phil Heath addresses the comments made by Arnold Schwarzenegger about the current judging criteria. He also answers the question would he ever compete at the Arnold Classic.