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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
All things being equal, AS's long thighs and legs are more muscular, the most perfect bodybiulder that ever was.
heaths are much better.these old guys and there rose coloured glasses.40 years ago.
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heaths are much better.these old guys and there rose coloured glasses.40 years ago.

Yep. Let's face it, he looked great for his time but those guys couldn't hang with today's pros. Today's conditioning and sheer mass was unheard of.
subjective, that is why I hate bb comps. I reckon he is better, no I reckon he is better, no he won because it is all politics.
arnold looks very smooth in that photo, barely has abs. phil grainy as fuk.
not really a fair comparison.
They became well muscled on minimum to no chemical help.

the modern bodybuilder looks fuckin awful

your kidding right???!!! they took gear, it was just real gear not weak shit like today's stories of ugl.

proper gear, you don't need much. fact. strong as fuck.
Yeah C_T, a couple of tabs of Dbol were so much more potent back then compared to the 100 different drugs available these days
Back than EVERY kunce wanted to look like Arnold, no sane kunce today wants to look like Heath or Ronnie.
Do you nimrods think that the blokes in the 70's to 80's where taking (in a sense) the same chemical concoctions the fuck wits today are taking?

if you say yes, you are more dense than I acticipated.