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  1. WoodyAllen

    The profit based health system

  2. I

    ?*Left it to the last minute AusBB? The Perfect Gift from Iron Tanks*?

    ?*Left it to the last minute AusBB? The Perfect Gift from Iron Tanks*?
  3. 0ni

    The perfect rep

    Goosey; what is the perfect rep
  4. A

    Exercise books

    The barbell prescription. Sullivan & Baker SS basic barbell training. Rippetoe Practical Programming. Rippetoe & Baker $20 each or $50 for the lot. Will post at your expense. Books are in perfect condition. Moving overseas and have to eliminate some items lol. Sent from my HTC 2PS5200 using...
  5. spartacus

    why is powerlifting not more popular?

    now I know a few on here will be upset, but why is powerlifting not on this list of top 100 sports. http://biggestglobalsports.com/
  6. I

    ? new releases & restocked! ?

    Hey AUSBB, some new gear and restocks to notify you all about! Gym Bags These bags are unreal, no expense spared here. Roomy, aesthetic - a perfect all rounder! Lifting Belts 10mm, 13mm, Tri Series, Olympic, Quick Release, Single prong all restocked. These belts are phenomenal. Again...
  7. A

    Arnold Schwarzeneggers legs vs Phil Heaths legs

  8. Goosey

    Rep cadence

    How long does it take you to perform 10 rep's on the bench press? 60 seconds 90 seconds 120 seconds
  9. A

    Incredible HD picture of Zane from Australia

  10. spartacus

    Article WADa and testosterone

  11. vegas

    The Perfect Human Diet

    Has anyone seen this? The Perfect Human Diet by C.J. Hunt https://itun.es/au/PfiUI I'm going to watch it today, should be interesting
  12. spartacus

    deadlift article concerning rounded back

  13. Jungnaut

    Why You Shouldn't Grind the Weight (srs)

    I like how this bloke advocates perfect reps every time and to avoid grinding the weight (ie training close to or at failure) because it greases improper motor patterns, trains you to stop at the sticky points, and does not help to increase your strength at all. He says train 70-80% of your...
  14. A

    The Perfect Sleeping Positions To Fix Common Body Problems

  15. Rugby88

    Perfect day of eating?

    What would the "perfect" day of eating look like to you? If you could eat what you liked, when you liked, didnt need to stick to set calories etc? Snacks you would have, meals you would have etc etc......unhealthy, healthy - whatever floats your boat....
  16. A

    How To Shop For Clothes Online And Get A Perfect Fit

    How To Shop For Clothes Online And Get A Perfect Fit Shopping for clothes online can get you great style at bargain prices. The worry is that because you’re buying sight-unseen, it won’t fit and you’ll waste your money or have to deal with the hassle of returns. This is how to make sure that...
  17. A

    The Science Behind Picking The Perfect Workout Mix

    Music can effect your exercise in a lot of ways. Choosing the right music helps improve your athletic performance, which makes exercise a lot more fun. AsapSCIENCE explains how to pick the right music. We already know that picking songs over 120 BPM is the way to go. According to asapSCIENCE...
  18. A

    Racing Driver Admits He Has No Idea What Co-Driver Is Talking About. This Is Perfect.

    Racing Driver Admits He Has No Idea What Co-Driver Is Talking About. This Is Perfect.
  19. A

    Jerzy Gregorek Showing You How To Do A Perfect Olympic Squat

    Here is a 4 - time world champion Olympic lifter giving you a lesson on how to do a proper Olympic Squat!
  20. A

    Ex Display Commercial Squat Rack perfect for Crossfit!

    Hi everyone, We have 1 x ex display commercial squat rack that needs to go! Pick up from our Gym Direct warehouse in Sydney. $295 (down from $395) Squat Stands are adjustable to suit any person's height. The H frame bases allow a stable stance while in use. Rubber end caps...