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  1. Big Mick

    Human Natural Diet??

    After watching the Vegan Propaganda Film the Game Changer it had me wondering. Every animal on the planet has a preferred natural diet that it has evolved to eat, no one tells a horse or rabbit or tiger or wolf or great white shark etc what to eat. What is this diet for humans? What are we...
  2. N


    I'm a bit late but just found out about sarms, has anyone used AussieSarms before ? Are they legit ? Or preferred supplier cheers
  3. WoodyAllen

    Olympic lifts: beginner's guide

    Does anyone have a decent video guide to the two olympic lifts? I'm thinking of adding them into my accessory days to help out with flexibility/mobility plus adding speed and balance into the mix. Something with Lidia Valentin would be preferred, but, well, anything is OK, as long as they...
  4. S

    Monolift versus Walkout

    Pros and Cons?
  5. J

    Viagra or ciallis?

    Any difference between the two and where's a good place online to get? Grunta or Undercover any help?
  6. D1cko

    Deadlift bars

    Just chasing options on deadlift bars. I plan to compete in GPC and turns out someone wants to buy me a barbell. Who's used both Okie and Texas bars. Why would you buy one over the other? Cheers.
  7. Davepuppies

    Preferred exersizes for rear delt isolation?

    What exersizes do you guys do when you want to isolate your rear delts? interested to hear movements, positions, and any variations like pronating/supernating etc. want to to change up my shoulder training a little. i currently to rear delt flyes lying backwards on a 45 bench, then do...
  8. A

    Half rack or full rack?

    Half Rack Vs Full Power Rack Hey people, Starting to put together a home gym. Have a single car garage and some space outback to use. Thinking about a half-rack rather then a full cage power rack...as a single set of uprights might feel less imposing and take up less space (little close to...
  9. DKD

    Your Weight: Heaviest, Current, Preferred

    Q1 - what was your heaviest ever weight? Q2 - what is your current weight? Q3 - what is your preferred / ideal weight? Q4 - what is your height? Me: 1) 98 kgs 2) 92 kgs 3) 87-88 kgs 4) 183 cms