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  1. E


    Hey guys, I’ve recently found on internet this website call oms99.in, chatted with them on whats app and they seem to have a lot of good stuff. Also have good reviews on internet. They have shown me some pictures with aus packages ready for delivery with at least 5 or 6 Aus address. Just...
  2. P

    Australian Lab Test

    Hi Guys, Can you point me to an affordable reputable lab that I can use to test the quality of peptides and HGH I have purchased. Thanks
  3. N


    I'm a bit late but just found out about sarms, has anyone used AussieSarms before ? Are they legit ? Or preferred supplier cheers
  4. A

    Welcome on board Flex Fitness Equipment

    Flex Fitness Equipment is Australia’s #1 fitness equipment mega store with stock selling at warehouse prices. Delivery Australia wide and they have been great enough to offer ausbb - Australian bodybuilding forum members 10% discount on equipment purchased
  5. O

    Force Monster G6

    Hi guys/girls I recently purchased the Force Monster G6 and am having problems putting it together. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated :confused: Cheers Ockdog
  6. M

    Orion gym shoe men's blue size 7 U.S Syd

    What : iron tanks Orion blue men us7 Condition: almost new - purchased 28/7/15. Only train minimal. Reason: upgraded to a size 8 & new camo colour Location Campbelltown Nsw Price $ 50 Contact 0422948007. Will swap for 2 x 20kg weight plates if need be.
  7. A

    What's the worst fitness product or supplement you've wasted money on?

    What's the worst fitness product or supplement you've wasted money on?
  8. R

    Has anyone purchased equipment from Warrior Equipment?

    Hi all, has anyone purchased equipment from Warrior Equipment?? - Warrior Equipment, Elite Strength and Conditioning Equipment for the Warrior I think they supply some of the crossfit gyms around. They have a couple of good bundles for sale & I was looking at this one.. Warrior Equipment...
  9. GoPies

    My setup with stuff mostly purchased from GymDirect.

    Hi All, Wasn't sure where to post pictures of my setup, but since I bought most of it from gymdirect I thought I would post it in here. The gear is all very sturdy, and apart from a few mishaps I have been quite happy with the gear. I think the tolerances and build quality could be...