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  1. G

    Pullovers for lats

    Does anyone do dumbell or barbell pullovers to pre exhaust their lats prior to pulling/rowing movements?
  2. A

    World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw Takes 100M Rowing Record on a Whim

    brian Shaw, whilst hanging out and training at the Super Training gym, decided to have a go at the Concept2 100m World Record. He either tied it or beat it*, incredibly impressive performance! * Looking at the Concept2 records page on their website, the lowest appears to be a man called Ross...
  3. spartacus

    2016 Rio Olympic Games thread

    Who is looking forward to Rio Olympics, and what events? I am an athletics fanatic, mainly running and jumps, but also enjoy freestyle swimming, track cycling and rowing. Bolt v Gatlin in 100m should be one of highlights.
  4. kaz

    REVIEW: Lifespan Rowing Machine

    Ok, I thought it would be too good to be true and it was. Kmart had a rower advertised for $149. What a bargain right? I text my husband to let him know I bought one with an end note of "How bad can it be"? Box had no details except it holds people up to 100kg. Beauty! Im almost half that...
  5. A

    Bent Over Rows - How Do You Do Them?

    When you are doing bent over rows, how wide do you prefer to grip the bar and why, do you go around the same width as you bench or do you go narrower?
  6. DKD

    Which exercise has given you most muscle growth?

    Not really interested in theoretical discussion or what Ronnie/Jay do, I'd like to read people's personal experiences. Which exercise best helped you to develop a particular muscle? For example, "couldn't see any gains on chest/back/triceps until I started doing X".
  7. jj80

    Rowing form.

    Thought I'd add this here as its one of the only good guides I've found on how to dumbell / barbell row. Hopefully it will start a good discussion. I have been doing it exactly how he says not to, and I'm nursing a shoulder injury as a result now. Long story short - too much ROM is bad - but...
  8. H

    Rowing Machine.

    I've been thinking of getting a rowing machine to add some daily cardio alongside my workouts 3x a week. When I was a member at a gym I used to use one for warming up and it was great, way better than a treadmill or bike. What I'm asking though is, what would be a good suggestion for a fairly...
  9. F

    aerobic rowing exerciser

    what are your thoughts on those aerobic rowing exerciser things, not the full size rowing machines but those little small handheld type things , clip onto your feet and full on the handles sort of like resistance tubing