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  1. S

    My Health records - opt out or stay in?

    Cyber experts warn that the records won't be safe. There already has been an incidence of a Company selling medical records to Law firms.
  2. A

    Welcome on board Flex Fitness Equipment

    Flex Fitness Equipment is Australia’s #1 fitness equipment mega store with stock selling at warehouse prices. Delivery Australia wide and they have been great enough to offer ausbb - Australian bodybuilding forum members 10% discount on equipment purchased
  3. Shrek

    The Dark Web

    What is this "the Dark Web" I've been hearing about on the radio today? Kunce selling medicare details on "the Dark Web" for $30...
  4. Goosey


    Shermworks. com This dudes been around for yonks, I don't know whether you've seen this, but if you're squattin and benchin alone its a great device and he's still selling them, nice bloke too.
  5. Pappy O'Daniels

    Aldi selling workout equipment this week

    https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-wed-8-february/ Some good prices
  6. N

    Metal Powerlifting Shoes

    Only used a few times because they didn't fit my feet. I have size 8 but I reckon it's more suitable for Size 9. Posted on gumtree: gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dulwich-hill/gym-fitness/metal-powerlifting-shoes/1122443820 Usual retail price >$200. selling for $100
  7. N

    GymAware Linear Position Transducer

    Hey guys, I just listed my GymAware (Kinetik) Powertool on gumtree. Selling for $2250 which is about 23% off the retail price (Retail=$2744.50). I've only used it a handful of times. Link to gumtree ad: gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dulwich-hill/gym-fitness/gymaware-kinetic-as-new-/1126957711
  8. R

    Iron Edge

    Looks like Iron Edge has gone bust (http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2537363) - I noticed that Gymquip is now selling Rehband sleeves and a new website is now selling Romaleos and bands (https://www.iron365.com.au/). Bit of a shame, but not really surprising since their gear was pretty...
  9. jzpowahz

    Powerlifting gear

    Mark bell mad dog slingshot XL (fits my 33cm biceps) $70 Underground elite wrist wraps $20 Inzer wrist wraps $25 True wrap 2m knee wraps $30 2.5m knee wraps $50 Uge size 10 squat shoes $50 (they are a bit squished in the photo as have been under other shoes but still great condition) Reason for...
  10. Ben


    For sale in Ballarat, what do you reckon I'd get for them? 2 x 8kg 2 x 12kg 2 x 16kg 1 x 24kg 1 x 32kg 1 x 64kg
  11. M

    Anavar or Superdrol

    Anyone have any reviews or recommendations?
  12. H

    [FS] XL SBD Knee Sleeves

    Selling XL SBD Knee Sleeves. Bought recently, too big, missed return period - essentially brand new. Best knee sleeves money can buy. $90 including shipping, can arrange pickup in Melbourne CBD for $80.
  13. A

    Have you guys tried MTS whey?

    Hey guys just curious if you have tried MTS whey in particular the red velvet flavour? Cheers
  14. S

    Price my gym

    Am looking at selling my home gym and wondering your thoughts on an appropriate price to advertise. Spent around $2500 all up brand new. Force USA: Power Rack Inclince Decline Bench 182.5 kg Olympic Rubber Plates (2x25, 2x20, 2x15, 4x10, 2x5, 4x2.5, 2x1.25) Force USA Plate Rack 1500lb Barbell...
  15. Karak

    [MEL] Large titan toro belt. blue.

    Hey Guys. I have a large titan toro belt (ipf approved) for sale. I bought it second hand in 2013 but was too big so i never used. Still feels very firm. I'm in camberwell, but can be picked up from bayswater. Can post at buyers expense. $100 ono
  16. J

    Selling Nike Romaleos 2 (Black) Size 7US

    Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoes Black Size 7 US | eBay I am selling my Nike Romaleos 2 in the colour black, size 7US. The shoes are a couple of months old and have been used approximately 10 times. They are in immaculate condition as shown in the pictures in the link above. The price of...
  17. A

    supps R us torched again

    2nd time in a year that supps r us has been toched , they were torched on boxing day , now again No Cookies | Herald Sun POLICE are investigating a suspicious fire at a vitamin supplements warehouse at Dingley Village — the second suspected arson attack on the business since December. Three...
  18. lowlyf

    Anyone selling a Powertec Levergym?

    I'm located in Brisbane but willing to pay courier charges. Let me know!
  19. A

    New Silk Road is selling even more drugs than the old one

    SILK Road is back, and it’s busier than before. Six months after the FBI shut down the notorious black market website known as “the eBay for drugs,” a new version of Silk Road is offering even more illegal narcotics than its predecessor, according to a report released...
  20. Drifter

    Quest Bar Review(s)

    I'm trialling these as an on the move meal replacement / snack and also a craving satisfier. Only have apple pie so far but have put in an order for a few more flavours. Apple Pie Protein 20g Carbs 24gDietary Fibre 18g Sugars 3g Calories 170 Smell: 10/10. Great! Smells like an apple pie...