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  1. Big Mick

    Samson Gym Equipment For Sale

    I have now set up my home gym and I have some surplus equipment for sale: All equipment is Samson Barbells Equipment made from Australian BHP steel. I have been buying this stiff up for decades, but now have more than what I need. Have some benches, seated shoulder/military press bench, lat...
  2. G

    Bumper Or steel

    Hello, As I have been understanding the foundational principles in lifting, and the basic 4 things you need to lift regardless of which training program you are going to use... As a weight lifter, you would need bumper plates as the weights are dropped from overhead (outside a power rack)...
  3. D

    Rubber coated plates with steel inserts

    Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations? I've got cheap rubber ones that leave black crap all over my hands and my barbell sleeves when I slide them on and off. These seem to be the best I can find http://aussiestrength.com.au/strength-equipment/weight-plates/rubber-coated-weight-plates.html
  4. A

    What are the common injuries in grip training?

    What are things to be careful of in grip training? How do you prevent these injuries?
  5. A

    Branch Warren and the Rock

  6. A

    Steel Hand Gym:

  7. B

    Abs of Steel Workout

    What it works: lower abs, upper abs, side abs, abs, abs, abs all the way. Tip: Always exhale when you perform any exercise that tenses the abs. This flattens your lower stomach and brings the abdominal muscles into proper alignment, increases the pull exerted on them and strengthens them...
  8. C

    Brother Iron Sister Steel

    Anyone read Brother Iron Sister Steel by Dave Draper? Truly a great book. I am about 2/3 through it and just can't put it down. Great workout suggestions, great motivational tips and some awesome stories. All written in a very casual manner amd suitable for all levels. Highly recommend...
  9. A

    Henry Cavill refused to take Steroids for Man of Steel

    Henry Cavill refused to take Steroids for MAN OF STEEL
  10. kindred

    Where is the cheapest place to get steel cut oats or oat groats?

    Im interested in getting bang for my buck as im guessing all steel cut oats etc would be the same. Is it better to get the from health food stores or supermarkets?