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  1. WoodyAllen

    Wot? No clen?

  2. A

    The Race to Dope", Four Corners,

    Around 3,000 athletes test positive for doping worldwide every year. And the sports where cheating happens the most are... "The Race to Dope", Four Corners, Monday night on ABC TV and ABC iview. Where do the banned substances used by elite athletes come from? Learn about the international dope...
  3. Shrek

    Epic, Sarms and other stuff

    Super Andarine will get through customs, won't it?
  4. Repacked

    Previously undetectable substances...

    Watch this space.. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-08-12/iaaf-bans-28-athletes-after-2005-2007-world-championships-retest/6690170 http://www.iaaf.org/news/press-release/positive-retests-helsinki-2005-osaka-2007 http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/athletics/33867962
  5. A

    Teens Report Higher Use of Performance Enhancing Substances

    a yank study Dangerous Trends Reinforce Need for Tighter Regulation of “Fitness Products” ~New, nationally projectable survey results released today by thePartnership for Drug-Free Kidsconfirmed a significant increase – a doubling – in the reported lifetime use of synthetic human growth hormone...

    What did all the supp companies do with their banned substances?

    Just wondering what happens to all the "banned substances" that companies have in stock at the time of banning.. Example: Craze. Do they give it away to mates? Throw it out? Are there supplement police that come and seize the contraband?
  7. A

    illegal substances

    Ausbb does not allow any form of source request (asking for a source of illegal substances) buying selling or trading of any Anabolic or Illegal Substances on these boards.
  8. A

    illegal substances Source Requests

    Ausbb does not allow any form of source requests (asking for a source of illegal substances) on these boards. Ausbb does not use or condone the use of Anabolic/Illegal Substances