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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
Around 3,000 athletes test positive for doping worldwide every year. And the sports where cheating happens the most are...
"The Race to Dope", Four Corners, Monday night on ABC TV and ABC iview.

Where do the banned substances used by elite athletes come from? Learn about the international dope manufacturing network in 'The Race to Dope', tonight on Four Corners.


Fucked up Kunce
No top level athlete or sportsman will stop because they fear their rivals won't and they don't want to lose any advantage.


The UFC was a good example. Look at all the Pride physiques. Then they came over to the UFC with very minimal testing and they all shrank. Then random out of competition testing came in around UFC 173 and a stack of them retired.


Captain Kunce
Hmm...that is a shame. But rules are rules.

I still think we need a GPC style Olympics. Haha.



Captain Kunce
No its not good that so many are cheating kunce.

Its probably every country to be honest, just to varying degrees.

What if every country is found to have a team full of mostly cheats?



Well-known member
whatever truth, once systematic doping is exposed, no choice but to get that country banned. How else can we the world encourage a level playing field with regard to global competitions?


Well-known member
I wont be doping it if I don't get to a reasonable standard by end of year: 130kg bench, 2.60m standing long, 87.5kg overhead and so on. I want to be on par with most of you guys clean before I do it.