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  1. D

    * Functional Trainer Sale *

    Hey Fanatics ! Flex Fitness Equipment Functional Sale F50 Elite Functional Trainer RRP $4,999.00 $2,995.00 WAS $3,495.00 SAVE $2,004.00 (40%) REMEMBER ALL AUSBB MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE A FURTHER 10% DISCOUNT https://www.flexequipment.com.au/~15738 PLEASE PM ME FOR MORE INFORMATION
  2. jzpowahz

    Powerlifting gear

    Mark bell mad dog slingshot XL (fits my 33cm biceps) $70 Underground elite wrist wraps $20 Inzer wrist wraps $25 True wrap 2m knee wraps $30 2.5m knee wraps $50 Uge size 10 squat shoes $50 (they are a bit squished in the photo as have been under other shoes but still great condition) Reason for...
  3. A

    The Race to Dope", Four Corners,

    Around 3,000 athletes test positive for doping worldwide every year. And the sports where cheating happens the most are... "The Race to Dope", Four Corners, Monday night on ABC TV and ABC iview. Where do the banned substances used by elite athletes come from? Learn about the international dope...
  4. M

    One Bar or Two.

    G'day guys n gals So, I need to order a bar and I want a good one. I've read the sticky thread and thought I'd settled on the ABC power bar (BOP220). That was until I picked up a sweet set of Pendlay Elite bumper plates and now I'm not sure the ABC will be much good for oly lifts. I mainly...
  5. M

    Peach Cinnamon Protein Shake Recipe

    Always find it important to keep my diet exciting and prevent boredom which makes dieting so much easier. I found this delicious protein recipe I'd thought was worth sharing. Just blend all ingredients together and enjoy! Ingredients 2% milk 1 cup Dymatize Elite Whey , Vanilla...
  6. M

    Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Review

    Dymatize has really nailed it with their new flavors of Whey. Very impressed. Dymatize Elite Whey and ISO-100 you can't go wrong. The powder mixes easily without the need for a blender. This is a staple in my supplements and I don't use any other protein besides Dymatize. Worth the price and...
  7. A

    Frank Zane showing his stupendous proportions

  8. D

    Anyone here own a Muscle Motion barbell?

    Looking to buy a new general purpose barbell to replace my cheap crappy one and I found this one on Gym Direct http://www.gymdirect.com.au/shop/weights-bars-dumbbells/bars/olympic-size/elite-pro-olympic-bar-1500lbs-rated/ Does anyone have any experience with them? I'm in Brisbane so I can't...
  9. Goosey

    the boot is now ready

    Genius, you can be Elite and fucked at the same time!
  10. A

    Schwarzenegger- Total Rebuild- 1980 Mr. Olympia- OldSchool BodyBuilding Documentary

    Arnold bowed out of the world of professional bodybuilding in 1975 very much on a high. During his decade of dominance (including 6 Mr. Olympia titles) he had re-invented the sport and inspired a new generation of elite athletes to compete in his wake. After his famous 6th title, where he was...
  11. Repacked

    How many hypertrophy lifters here employ a formal periodisation system?

    How many of you that are not running a PL program employ some sort of periodisation? What is your plan? Has it been successful? (PL'ers please chime in too).
  12. J

    Elite FTS order

    Be ordering some stuff form Elite fts before i fly home next week. Anyone want anything? Nothing heavy. Regular members only, cost will be what ever it costs me + postage in aus and need the money before i post it.
  13. S

    Elite Performance Gym Brisbane

    Mate of a mate has opened this new gym in Brisbane. eliteperformancegym
  14. 0ni

    Underground Elite review

    Decided to get a belt + some chalk for Christmas. Underground Elite :: Gym Accessories :: Belts :: UGE Elite Lever Belt Underground Elite :: Gym Accessories :: Chalk Products :: Lifting Chalk Arrived today. Belt is very, very good - all furry and everything. Don't think I'll ever be...
  15. S

    Raw Elite

    I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on what the totals should be for Raw Elite. After getting some thoughts from Markos and Iron Alliance I had looked around on the Internet and there are a lot of different opinions. By Raw I am thinking of ProRaw standards.
  16. O

    Elite FTS Bringing the Lulz

    YouTube - Elite FTS: UGSS My kinda gym.
  17. NPR

    Basic Strength Standards

    Here is a great strength standard chart a powerlifter I work with posted on another forum. I thought this forum might like it. http://www.crossfit.com/cf-journal/WLSTANDARDS.pdf It's compiled by very highly regarded strength coaches and I personally think it is a very good indicator or...
  18. R

    Elite Body 10% off store wide for Ausbb members!

    Hey Guys, As a special introductory offer for all Ausbb members we have setup a 10% discount store wide! Just use the source code "AUSBB" upon checkout to take up this great offer. Im sure you will find our everyday prices are unbeatable, so this 10% just tops things off! Look forward...