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no, I am thinking of doing a study (with a physio) about effects of peds (andriol) on a 55 year old. I will not be going in official comps, as this would be cheating.

I will only think of doing study if I get back to certain strength standards by end of year.


Captain Kunce
Right. See now that is a little clearer. Thank you.

Would be interesting.

Where is your bench now?



Well-known member
on way back up. did 8x95ks a few weeks ago. eager to stay around 90kg bodyweight. best ever clean bench at that weight was 137.5kg, after doing 147.5 at 98kg bodyweight and then dieting.

need about 10x104kg and will be ready for 130kg, but still have six months to go.


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Like the show said, the testing is more to give the illusion of clean sports. All countries do it, what's different is the level of technology/drugs to pass tests.


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umm, but some countries are much more clean, like australia, so don't accept silly generalisations just because it was on the ABC. a very poor documentary I say.


Got any cliffs for us pls gentleman [MENTION=6618]spartacus[/MENTION]; [MENTION=15941]steveP[/MENTION]; @anyone.


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just rehash of past three years news stories, besides learning that a couple of Russian drug agency people were killed.

Most people on show were negative towards rationale and effectiveness of drug testing, with virtually no attention to what has been achieved or the problems of any such goal.


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Got any cliffs for us pls gentleman @spartacus; @steveP; @anyone.

- Russian athlete starts dating a drug tester for the Russian Olympic committee or similar. She spills the beans that everyone is prescribed drugs/hormones.
- The tester raises what he found to the higher ups. They find wide spread doping in Russia and plan to hold a press conference. They mysteriously turn up dead.
- Going back to Bejing and the Soshi games, many Russians test positive and are essentially banned as a nation from the current Olympics.
- There are known people in Olympic sports that will prescribe you a drug plan and ensure you pass your tests.
- Jamaica has no national level of testing, despite all the fastest athletes coming from there. Coincidence?
- No country is untouched by doping. It's essentially required by all to be competitive.
- Even the drug testers know they can't catch most people. The best they can do is just publicly state there is drug testing so the general public assumes everyone is clean.
- The people who fiercely defend that they are clean are usually the biggest cheats (Lance Armstrong).
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do I really have to point out the many top runners alone that no longer cheat, as indicated by their much slower times.

I suppose the ABC shows appears startling to some, but barely scratched surface of truth.

The simple truth is that is getting much harder to cheat. just because someone like Armstrong got away with it does not mean that he would today. FFS.


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the other stupid thing about tone of show is that Russia, one of biggest systematic heaters of all, has been caught out.

So much for theory that people/countries can easily escape detection.

Sure, some know more than others, but even the walker got caught despite having lance Armstrong's doctor.

So how the fuck is still easy to cheat.


I'm over all this drug crap.
Drugs are here to stay.
100% agree. Naïve people desperately need to get their heads out of the sand and realise that their world and the elite athletes' world are not one and the same, period! There are drugs in the pharmacy (for Mr. and Mrs. Jones), and then there are designer drugs for Mr. Elite athlete. I may have just sent the reader into a totally wrong direction (and that's the beginning of how you manipulate the system). In plain English, focus and emphasis is directed on beating the test (at any given time whether you like to believe it or not), hence masking drugs is what makes our world different from that of an elite athlete.

Tetrahydrogestrinone, THG for short was but one such undetectable performance enhancing drug developed not long after the 2000 Olympics' and shortly before the 2004 Olympics. Everyone knows about it now, so we've moved onto something different and again undetectable, and on we go.... Designer steroids exist, which are structurally manipulated anabolic steroids especially developed by chemists for athletes to be undetectable by the current doping tests (e.g. as I've already mentioned above is Tetrahydrogestrinone or THG).https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2005/feb/02/drugsinsport.duncanmackay

Think about this for just few seconds (because that's all it takes)..., when an Olympic weightlifter from the Eastern Block can snatch what a weightlifter from the Western World can clean & jerk, you can bet your life on it that it's not due to one lifter having superior genetics (or training methods) than the other.

I've said it before and I'll reiterate it here: if you choose to get to the elite level in your chosen sport and represent your country, the only person you'd be cheating if you don't "cheat" would be you! So let's stop kidding ourselves and perhaps take a more realistic approach to drug abuse by first and foremost educating our young and old about the dangers of drinking that legal drug/poison (alcohol)/government tax revenue generator we like to give and couch with so many wonderful and attractive names, and do so because the word poison wouldn't sell too well now would it!

By the way, my mention of alcohol and the responsible imbibing of such a drink was not targeted or restricted to Australia, but the whole world. Please don't come onto this thread and accuse me of wanting to abolish the drinking of alcohol a la 1920/1930 United States. That's not what I'm talking about here. What I'm talking about here is the shifting of focus onto more practical things that are affecting our societies in so many different ways worldwide (and PEDs do not feature or make a single bleep on my radar) of what I'd consider to be a subject of critical importance for the benefits of the masses.
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wow, supposed wise words.

let me add, drug testing is here to stay. short and sweet.

also, alcohol and other drug use is a totally different issue.


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Even Putin states athletes should be clean and tested. Well, maybe he too is naive.

why, because to say anything otherwise would be a bit Neanderthal. why would anyone want to return to days when kids were men, and women were men in sport.