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  1. Shrek

    Mr Olympia 2015

    Qualified Men's Open Standings http://mrolympia.com/2015/
  2. Repacked

    How much time do you spend in the gym?

    3 questions - 1) How many days per week do you train? 2) How long are most of your sessions? 3) If different from the product of the two above, how many hours per week do you spend training in the gym?
  3. A

    Ausbb- Australian Bodybuilding forum Transformation Contest

    Back by popular demand is the Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding forum 12 week transformation contest have you got what it takes to take part in the challenge? The official thread and info is here http://ausbb.com/forumdisplay.php?f=108 good luck and may the force be with you
  4. A

    Jean-Paul Perle takes out Mr Australia title in under-65kg after gruelling training r

    A gruelling regime has paid off for Jean-Paul Perle. Picture: Matt Sullivan St Clair resident Jean-Paul Perle has taken out the Mr Australia title in the under-65kg category in both the Australian National Bodybuilding Championships and International Federation of Bodybuilding Australian...
  5. A

    What It Takes - Shawn Rhoden Bodybuilding Documentary

    Filmed between Washington DC and New York City in January of 2012. Shawn Rhoden shares his day with documentary filmmaker Erik Thorsvik as they travel from Rhoden's home in DC to NYC for a photo shoot with Muscle & Fitness magazine. The documentary shows what it's like to be at the top of the...
  6. A

    Ausbb Anonymous Posting

    Ausbb Anonymous Posting Have you ever wanted to discuss something in the Steroids and Performance Enhancers Anabolic Steroids & Anabolic Chemistry & Testosterone Enhance forum of Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding, but never posted because you didn't want people to know it was you? To solve...
  7. Big Mick

    Dropped in for another look.

    Dropped in for a look this morning since I am off work today. Only took me 10 minutes to work out that I won't be back here for a while, still the same mentally challanged people sprouting the same BS and arguing that the sky looks red, when everyone can clearly see the blue. I feel sorry for...
  8. A

    what age did you run your first cycle

    just wondering what age you decided to take your first cycle
  9. A


  10. A

    UFCFIT founder Mike Dolce reveals what it takes to have a body like the world's best

    THIS is the man on a mission to transform our bodies and crush Australia's obsession with CrossFit. Former UFC fighter Mike Dolce reveals how the world's fittest athletes really get into shape but it's probably not how you'd imagine. Dolce reckons we've all got what it takes...
  11. S

    Honest Question

    Now im relatively inexperianced compared to the majority on there when it comes to the gym. What I see a lot in my gym is people that do 4 or 5 different exercises for the same body part. Like 4 different variations of cable curls. I see this as pointless but then again I have little experience...
  12. A

    Girl Takes Testosterone For One Full Year…Turns Herself Into A Man!

    FTM transition: One year on testosterone - YouTube
  13. spartacus

    Me like this exercise: muscle snatch clean grip

    go heavy or go home part 2( muscle snatch 170kg.) - YouTube This 170kg.
  14. kaz

    Weightlifter takes own life after failed tournament.

    The Moscow police are looking into the circumstances surrounding the death of a 15-year-old weightlifter, who stepped out of a 17th floor window on Sunday night. Teenage weightlifter takes own life after failed tournament — RT
  15. L

    Who takes glucosamine/chondroitin joints upplements? And do they work?

    My joints seem to be getting more and more creaky/clicky, especially the knees and shoulders. Considering that I'm looking to put even more load on them this year with weights, I'm thinking about taking a joint supplement. So looking for info / opinions... Do they work? Is it worth it...
  16. M

    WPC or WPI

    Whey Protein Concentrate or Isolate? What should I use? Whats the difference? About to buy some and would like some advice. Thanks in advance
  17. vader-nator

    [Music] Favorite Training Songs?

    With all this talk of a social nature....... What is that song that you turn up loud to blast yourself into the zone? My most recent is Sum 41 Pieces..... mostly from this cool Lee Priest youtube video I bumped into. Rob YouTube - lee priest bodybuilding
  18. B

    Aspirin questions

    So I went out and got some Aspirin today. Lady at the pharmacy was asking many questions like "what's it for... how strong a dose do you need etc." I said it's for my friend Charlie who's got neck pain and he needs a medium dose.... she didn't bother to question me further...anyway... Fadi...
  19. A

    [Cycling] Angry driver takes out 50-strong cycle pack

    Many would most likely already have heard this , but a pack of 50 cyclists attacked by an angry motorist "Angry driver takes out 50-strong cycle pack" Furious driver takes out 50-strong cycle pack - Beijing2008 - Sport - smh.com.au