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  1. WoodyAllen

    The profit based health system

  2. A

    Munchie Tuesdays - Discussing Diet/Food With Others

    Talking about our food choices with family/friends/others can be difficult. What are your methods of talking about food choices when others ask you questions? Any tips on how to discuss this with family members insistent on giving you advice?
  3. spartacus

    2015 GPC Nationals

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q-zhr9BHqI Just saw Oni squat 250kg. He was very excited with his lift.
  4. S

    Gay Marriage, do you support it?

  5. kaz

    [Movie] Mad Max 4: Fury Road

    The only positive I have seen about this film so far, is that Tom Hardy plays Max. (Forrest from latest release Lawless and movie Warrior) I loved the original Trilogy but is this movie going to be like flogging off a dead horse? Ive been waiting for years for this release, ever since Angry...
  6. J

    flatter tummy

    Whats the best way to get rid of my tummy?:rolleyes:
  7. F

    Terrible Deadlift form

    Hi guys, Im having real trouble with my deadlifts. I dont really lift heavy - maybe about 50kg plus the bar. I have always been terribly inflexible. I cant touch my toes - i have been stretching and working on it, and so far in 2 months ive come from reaching just past my knee to about 1cm off...
  8. M

    Is my diet "good enough" or just terrible?

    My diet is pretty much the following every day: Breakfast = 4 Weet Bix, Two pieces of white bread toast (with peanut butter) and coffee Lunch = 100g of Pasta Dinner = various vegetables and meats Snack = 50g of Peanuts After Workout Drink = 2 Eggs, 250ml of Milk, 25g of Powdered Milk and a...