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  1. H

    BFR Training

    Has anyone used this protocol before and if so did it work or was it a flop?
  2. H

    Where are the cyclists?

    How come no cyclists are posting threads in this AUSBB sub-forum? Have they all got fit and rode away?
  3. spartacus

    What sporting events would you like to attend

    I have attended a few major sporting events: world cup cricket final, Olympic games track and field, cathy freeman gold night; many AFL grand finals; all of the major horse races in oz; a few NRL matches, major league US baseball, NFL in new York. what do what I want to attend in future? a...
  4. White_Lie

    Kai Greene Australian Tour

    Anyone going to one of his seminars or store appearance? Thinking of going on Monday, its only 2 minutes from my place...hate crowds though! Seminars are $60/70 on the weekend in Perth. Think I'll give that a miss Deets as follows... ‼️AUSTRALIA TOUR SCHEDULE‼️ See if we hit your city!! &...
  5. A

    Reporter pukes after trying Tour de France diet

    NRK reporter Nicolay Ramm tries the diet of Tour de France champions, making a heroic effort to down it all in one sitting.
  6. Repacked

    Mechanical Doping

    http://www.theage.com.au/sport/cycling/tour-de-france/tour-de-france-2015-fears-cheats-have-a-new-weapon--mechanical-doping-20150701-gi33nd.html The UCI, cycling's world governing body, certainly thinks it is a possibility. After being explicitly warned in March in the Cycling Independent...
  7. spartacus

    Surfing world tour

    Does anyone watch surfing on foxtel. Massive waves this week at Margaret River.
  8. TrentZor

    Russian Kings tour at PTC sydney

    Not sure if this is the right spot. Admins please move if so. PTC Sydney will be holding the Sydney leg of the Russian Kings seminar tour. We will be hosting 2 seminars with 7 of the strongest powerlifters to come out of the Eastern Block. In attendance will be: Andrey Malanichev Mikhail...
  9. A

    Tour De france 2014

    sweet it is finally here , Tour De france 2014, wiggins is out and froome is in , orica greend edge with a good team behind them who's watching it
  10. Neddysmith

    AC/DC may never tour or record again!!!!!!

    Very sad news if this is true, rumour I have heard is Malcolm is pretty crook and if he cant perform with the band they will all retire..... http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/acdcs-40th-anniversary-tour-under-doubt-due-to-health-concerns/story-fni0b7je-1226884658411
  11. A

    Ronnie Coleman Warehouse Tour

  12. A

    Take a tour of Muscle Beach with Arnold (2014-2-14)

  13. B

    Athletica Australia blog their tour of the Bulk Nutrients factory

    A big thanks to Pasha at Athletica Australia for blogging his recent trip to our factory! A Supplement Story Set Amongst a Scenic Backdrop | Athletica A Supplement Story Set Amongst a Scenic Backdrop I recently had the pleasure of catching up with our good friends from Bulk Nutrients at their...
  14. B

    Proud to announce Layne Norton's 2014 tour to Australia!

    We're VERY proud to be sponsoring Layne Norton's 2014 tour to Australia! Coming this Friday at 8PM AEST Layne will be with us live to answer your questions about the tour! Put it in your diary and don't be late! http://www.facebook.com/bulknutrients
  15. A

    Concerts - Which have you attended?

    I'm sure over the years, some of you have been to a few concerts me i never really went to just a single bands concert , but did goto big day out a few times vans warp tour kiss acdc oh the mavis's when they came to town and a ska band which the name escapes me at the moment saw a few...
  16. A

    Everything you need to know about the 100th Tour de France

    THE 100th Tour de France kicks off this weekend with 11 Aussies participating. But is it worth staying up for this year? We give you the lowdown. WHAT IS IT? A 3404km-long bike race that takes place over 21 stages and two rest days. HOW LONG IS THAT? That's almost...
  17. A

    Le Tour De France 2013

    Hopefully with Cadel's 3rd place in the Giro will help him with the tour , happened the other year did the giro and came up n the grand tour , but i don't think he'll get the yellow , froome is in with a good chance many late nights ahead
  18. B

    A video tour of our factory with Dave Palumbo!

    Part 1: Bulk Nutrients Factory Tour... With Dave Palumbo & Aaron Singerman! Part 2: Bulk Nutrients Factory Tour... With Dave Palumbo & Aaron Singerman! (PART 2)
  19. B

    A quick tour of our factory

    If you have ever wondered what goes on at Bulk Nutrients, and wanted a better idea of how our efficient operation is run, the following tour should provide you with a good guide. Here is a quick simple step by step imagery of our factory: Bulk Nutrients Factory Tour
  20. A

    Tour de France Carb Fest

    Although this pic is from last year and Andy isn't riding this year due to an injust he sustain Dueing last years Tour de France cyclist Andy Schleck posted this pic of the food each rider in their team eats a day during a day in the TDF.