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  1. I

    No sperm after cycle

    Hi all I finish a cycle of test e and mop some time ago Only trouble is that my supplier could not get any post cycle therapy stuff So that was about 8 weeks abo Just went for a sperm test because of personal reason and I have no sperm Would this be caused by the no post cycle therapy Will...
  2. A

    Blood Tests

    Hi all How many of you do a before and after blood test with cycles? Do you go to your doctors and just be honest about what your doing and ask specifically what you want checked? I want to go get my test levels checked, since turning 35 ive become very lethargic, little energy and trouble...
  3. N

    Dianabol without testosterone

    Evening sirs. I'm about to take my first cycle but I could only get injectable testosterone I'm having trouble giving myself injections. Can I start taking dianabol orally for the first 2 weeks by itself until the website restocks with testocaps or can't be done? Or can I take the injectable...
  4. Goosey

    Stiff legged deadlift and Ukrainian deadlift

    Due to popular belief these to exercises are not the same and one is a bastardised form of the other due to people being impatient and trying to add weight before perfecting form. the SLDL is an example of an exercise where you must start light as opposed the the Ukrainian version. due to the...
  5. S

    new Australian IPF affiliate

    https://ww.reddit.com/r/powerlifting/comments/7mtqyq/new_ipf_australian_affiliate/ here ya go Sparty and Tim.sounds like Wilks has been overthrown by the lady who does the commentary.you wont have any trouble joining despite your drug usage in the past as i dare say they will be welcoming of...
  6. Pappy O'Daniels

    Thread describing poor delivery from GymDirect deleted!

    Just a heads up to all members here: my thread about the poor delivery from the seller, who is also a sponsor here, was deleted without explanation. Just thought you guys should know what kind of forum this is.
  7. Pappy O'Daniels

    Thread describing poor delivery from GymDirect deleted!

    I posted a thread accurately describing the poor delivery I received from this sponsor. The thread was deleted without explanation. :mad:
  8. A

    What do you wish you'd known about [insert lift here] when you started?

    What were some things that you learned about common lifts over time as you progressed? What do you see other people doing incorrectly most often?
  9. A

    The Heaviest Dumbbell on Planet Earth 413lbs!!!

  10. F

    Squat as a unit

    Everyone here knows by now that I do not like giving advice on how or how not to squat. Unless that line of power/the center of gravity where the bar is in straight line with the mid of your foot is violated, I'd keep my mouth shut. So what's with this squat as a unit thing? We're always...
  11. A

    Tony Abbott shuts down road rage after woman blasts his cycling bunch

    A woman motorist blasting her horn at a group of cyclists near Lake Burley Griffin on Wednesday morning picked the wrong people at the wrong time for a heated outburst of road rage. Among the committed cyclists at the receiving end of her long, angry blast was former Prime Minister Tony Abbott...
  12. A

    Lee Priest Gives PCT Advice to Bodybuilders

    Post cycle therapy, or PCT, is a very serious matter. A lot of guys can lift plenty of weight after a cycle of steroids, but have a lot of difficulty raising something else in the bedroom. One reason I steer well clear of the good stuff. Lee never denies his steroid usage, so he will have no...
  13. A

    Here is why we don't mass delete posts

    While we are happy to delete a post here and there when requested of when the thread gets spammed etc how ever we don't mass Delete posts as it screws up the order of threads, which means that threads need to be re-indexed by search engines before they return proper results. Deleting posts...
  14. A

    Does being 'big' cause trouble for you?

    As the title says, does being physically big attract a lot of unwanted attention in bars/pubs/clubs for example?
  15. kaz

    The Thread About Running....

    Any runners on the forum?
  16. kindred

    Older women vs younger women

    They seem different but why? Is there a documentery about this I can watch? If not If I made one would you watch it? What channel do you tink would pick this doco up? ABC???
  17. F

    Trouble keeping feet flat when squatting

    The title is pretty much self-explanatory. I'm trying to include squats in my routine, but I'm having major issues keeping my feet flat on the ground and it puts major strain on my knees when going up. Is this a common problem with beginners and, more importantly, what can I do to fix it?
  18. W

    Bicep trouble

    Hello I'm wondering if anyone has the same problem as me,and could provide some help,When I do bicep curls I have alot of trouble isolating my bicep from my forearm,I always get pumped in the forearm and my bicep dosent feel as though I have exercised it enough,I have tried different wrist...