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  1. B

    legit sarms websites?

    looking for legit sarms websites australia
  2. F

    Scam websites

    Anyone can tell me if Roidstop is a legitimate site or a scam? Placed an order with them on recommendation from a closed down popular supplier but everything seems dodgy.. input please?
  3. J

    Online purchasing

    Hey people, just looking for a good online source to purchase vials from. I use to purchase from gear-Phoenix but they seem to no longer exist. All the other websites that claim to sell have very bad reviews so I don’t want to Rick loosing my money. Does anyone have any suggestions or good...
  4. J

    Australian websites

    please delete please delete
  5. C

    Peptides Direct - Has anyone used/ordered recently?

    Hi All, Recently placed an order online with Peptides Direct. As soon as I placed the order I got an email saying it was "under medical review" which I get they have to do for whatever legal reasons. But, I have tried to call the number provided and just get a recording to leave a message...
  6. S

    Australia Peptide Websites

    Hey All, I've recently purchased some peptides off a seemingly credible website. I used my Medicare and filled in a questionnaire and they were shipped to my house from a Sydney lab (legit with website and 1300 number) However I've been told my a doctor that online peptides are nothing by 70%...
  7. V

    not crazily expensive peptides with good quality in Aus !!

    Wanted to ask you bros if peptides from muscle science aus are a g2g. Found absolutely 0 reviews on it whatsoever despite their popularity.. Emailed the company for quality certificates and they send me these reports on GHRP-2 and TB500 - http://i68.tinypic.com/2aiosoy.jpg[/IMG] and...
  8. Headley

    'Himalayan rock salt'...

    http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=115738 Just one of countless websites with the message that... 'found that even ordinary road salt was being sold as “Himalaya Salt” by ruthless opportunists.' Does anyone actually believe the bullshit spread by alternative health people about...
  9. Neddysmith

    The Official CHILLI thread

    OK this thread is for everything Chilli. I have some chilli seeds which I will planting in about July they include: Scorpion Ghost Chilli Carolina Reaper Chilli Thai chilli Jalapeno peppers Orange Habanero Pink Tigers Jolokia x Orange Hab and might have a couple more that I cant remember...
  10. A

    Supplement websites?

    Hey guys, I know this isn't really meant to be here but didn't know where else to make a new thread. Anyways just wondering where do all of you guys get your supps from? Mostly in Australia or fast delivery outside of AU thanks!
  11. Bench Polkov

    New Gold Coast Barbell and Strongman Gold Coast websites

    Gold Coast Barbell and Strongman Gold Coast now have their own websites. Gold Coast Barbell Strongman Gold Coast Check them out and tell me what you think. :cool:
  12. Shrek

    What's your favourite place to buy supplements?

    Here we are going to list your favourite place to buy supplements and protein powders etc. It can either be an online store or shopfront and try to say why you like that particular store, ie, good service, good prices, wide range etc etc. This will help new members too so we don't have a new...