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  1. S

    My first cycle of just Test (440 per week) feedback pls :)

    Hey all, me and a buddy are gonna do our first cycles soon, just hoping for some feedback. we are both late 20s our plan is- 1 amp test e 250 every 4 days 1mg adex OED while on 12 weeks like this then about 2 week after last shot, pct begins 1 & 3 day after 750 HCG 5 & 7 day after 500 HCG 9 &...
  2. Reide

    Does this happen to anyone else?

    Over the last week I've been going to the gym (most days) and working out (mainly weight machines such as the assisted pull up, leg press, seated row... etc) and when I get home I have my breakfast (typically a home made potato or pumpkin soup). After about half an hour after I've eaten I've...
  3. B

    Container Load Arriving Wednesday 7th December, all aminos back in stock

    We have a big 40 footer coming in on Wednesday which means the lengthy delay we have had with some of our aminos will be over. Back in stock wil be: Essential Amino Acids (EAA's) Acetyl Carnitine Beta Alanaine Citrulline Malate Creatine Tri Malate Leucine Unfortunately there is still a...
  4. B

    Pea Protein Isolate available Wednesday 7th December

    Hi Guys, Due to not being terribly happy with our rice protein we have stocked for some time, next Wednesday we will be releasing Pea Protein Isolate as our prefered choice of vegan proteins. Nutritionaly it is actually a little better than the rice protein (in terms of macros) it has virtually...
  5. A

    Steroid Injection 101

    source: Steroid Injection 101 - steroids.org
  6. B

    DOMS since Wednesday

    so on Wednesday, I did quite a killer leg routine (for my standards).. and then on Thursday, I did upper body and yesterday I did HIIT. Now it's Saturday and it's my leg workout day again except I still have DOMS from the Wednesday workout... it's improving (today it's less painful than on...