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New member
Hey all, me and a buddy are gonna do our first cycles soon, just hoping for some feedback.
we are both late 20s

our plan is-
1 amp test e 250 every 4 days
1mg adex OED while on
12 weeks like this then

about 2 week after last shot, pct begins

1 & 3 day after 750 HCG
5 & 7 day after 500 HCG
9 & 11 day after 250 HCG

Also starting 40 nolva 7 days into Hcg therapy-
So 1 week of nolva 40,
1 week nolva 30,
2 weeks of nolva 20

the test adds up to about 440 per week, or i could just do it like Sunday and Wednesday if i wanna go up to 500 a week
Too much test. Start at 2mg/kg of body weight. Unlikely that you’ll need an AI at that dose but watch for signs. If no signs then dose can be increased to 3mg/kg (don’t increase in the first 8 weeks). For Test E pin once per week.

Save your money, forget the PCT. Test will decay at 5 times the half life (so at least 25 days after your last pin). Just ride it out.

Ignore the bro science. Check out teamevilgsp on Instagram

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