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[Article] 20 Tips to Mass Gains

Excellent post.
I would also add in the benefits of:
TESTOFEN - proven to boost testosterone levels significantly (600mg)
BETA ALANINE - proven to have fatigue-buffer effects which allows you to do more in your workout (3g)

Products that have these key ingredients that I'm currently using:
Eat steak, drink milk, eat cookies, squat, bench, dead and destroy accessories - then get 8-10 hours of sleep
And follow the 20 tips Shrek told you to!!!

ANd eat cookies - choc chip are the most anabolic
excellent article mate. Never even heard of phosphatidylserine before. Good tips and I'm sure every1 can benifit from it. Well done :)
i think thats like ~60 serves. Which is about $1 per serve. Thanks for the link, will have to research it more b4 i can justify another supplement :)
As a warning about phosphatidyl serine - Note that PS is a blood thinner, so if you are taking other medications which also thin blood be careful. Note that Vitamin E can thin the blood.
All nice discussion. I'm just a little bit conscious about the usage of beef as
far as weight gain is concerned. I'll prefer mutton upon beef. Actually, it is to be
said that beef is high calorie and can cause some sort of joint pain. What do you

Beef isn't that high in calories and if it causes you joint pain avoid it but I don't think I have heard anyone else with that problem after eating beef
20 Tips to Mass Gains
by Chris Aceto

10) Pump It Up
What do Viagara and the amino acid arginine have in common?. Yep, they both work at, well, you know. They do so by increasing nitric oxide production, a compound in the body that allows blood to flow. Ever hear of the pump, the gorging of blood into muscles when you train? That’s a solid stimulus for growth and nitric oxide is a chief facilitator for better pumps.

Not to sure how to take this
Ill numb it down for you.

Taking Arginine increase nitric oxide levels which increases vasodilation which means more blood into muscle hence bigger erections, I mean bigger pumps. :)