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2013 riddle me this riddle me fat


New member
Oh well I suppose I'll give this a return since I have some good goals this year. Get stronger and lose weight. My squat is my worst lift so I figure it's the life where you lift your bodyweight the most. So every kilo lost from me I expect to add at least the same to the bar. I've really let myself go in the last few months after some good progress earlier in 2012.

I really don't want to post pictures of me in underwear though. I guess I might get around to doing that soon. I don't even have any nice underwear and certainly no bonds. :confused:


Just wear fitted/tight clothing and maybe take some underwear shots on the same day for private use/for being amazed at when December 2013 comes.
If you are aiming for big weight loss we will see the change in size and shape.

Big Mick

"2014 - Kunce of the year"
Mate Ruggers from Big W are the go, and they are great to squat and dead lift in, they are my permanent training pants, I have about 6 pairs and will be doing photos on 01-01-2012.....I am also a fat bastard, so don't worry about it, the worse you are the more you have to gain mate.

Good luck and all the best hope you kill it:)


New member
Thanks. I took some pictures now deciding how much to shop them :D

More seriously, it's the top half I was always concerned about.


New member
Alright then. Staring stats and pics.

Weight 89.2 Kg
Waist 89 cm
BF (crappy cheap bioimpedance scales). 32.3 percent
Squat - 72.5
Bench - 52.5
Deadlift - 107.5

Despite the floppiness core is actually tensed in these.




Goals are to get stronger and lose weight. The losing weight thing will probably be the most noticeable thing regarding this transformation. Not sure if I should be putting numbers on things as part of the goals. But I mean, that's a whole year away...right?
Last edited:


New member
<insert inappropriate lewd comment here to solicit cheap laughs>

Good luck with the forthcoming transformation. You don't look like your carrying nearly 90kg, are you tall?


New member
Thanks for the support guys.

I don't really feel that heavy but the scale can't lie. At 1.7m I'm taller than average but not overly so. I'm deciding to pretend it's all muscle.


New member
Just wanted to say that I took some better start photos but before I got around to posting the, up I got injured my arm in a way that makes it much more difficult to muck around on computers. I will post it up eventually in a backdated way but for now I'll have to leave it.

It also means I can't train even close to properly. Also having trouble cooking and eating most of my normal stuff and been at home where all the bad food are. So in terms of the comp there is no progress but more negative progress. I'm going to be out for a least couple of months and after that only easing back into things.

At least I can use dictation.:)


New member
That sucks!

Hang in there and don't let it get you down!
Are you going to try and stay on diet ?

Can you still do fitness training ? walking/running ,aqua aerobics , bw squats/deadlifts etc


New member
Just walk for exercise. For food, subway. I did just those two things and lost 55kg over a year.

Throw out the bad food. It's no harder to make bad stuff than good stuff. Generally just cheese and condiments.


New member
I can still do some fitness stuff but am very limited by ability and doctors orders. Among those I'm not allowed to get it wet and was expressly warned against sweating. Plus I'm not allowed to drive so it's limiting getting to some places.

The idea was to stay on diet but that hasn't really happened. I'll admit it's not anyones fault but my own. Basically I've kept the habit of eating like I'm still training plus extra crap from being stuck at home feeling sorry for myself.

At the moment I would argue shit is easier to make simply because it's easier to prepare and eat. e.g. I bought a soon rump sliced from the butcher before it happened so I have heaps of steak sitting in the freezer and while I could probably manage to cook a whole steak there isn't always someone around who can cut it into pieces on my kind request. Crap on the other hand tends to come ready to eat...like pizza.

That being said though it's certainly not impossible - I just have to get my act back together.