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ABC BARBELLS... need some gurus..


New member
Hey guys, im looking at this..

http://www.australianbarbellco.com/...hures/BARBELL-DIMENSION/BARBELL DIMENSION.pdf

and through the whole thing, i can see that the 'power bar' ABC is an olympic barbell... not a 'power bar' in the sense of powerlifting..

a) because the power bar is 50mm diameter which is an olympic barbell size

b) because the standard barbells seem closer to the 28mm barbell diameter which is a common size for powerlifting bars...

whats the go?

i want the power bar but in 27mm or so.. similar to the ivanko i was training on... obx20kg.
A 'powerlifting bar' or 'power bar' is an olympic barbell which has a higher tensile so it produces less whip, a straighter bar being better suited for the slower lifts. It also has different markings to a weightlifting bar. Most barbells you see in a gym will be power bars.

The distinction isnt significant unless youre doing the olympic lifts.
but see mate.. i think you could be wrong.. an olympic bar is 50mm correct?

ie weightlifting

ivanko AND eleiko powerlifting bars are in the high 27mm - 29mm..

so you could say then they cost so much because of the tensile strength in less material as opposed to the 50mm material in the abc..

i just need to know and have some clarification..

and an olympic barbell will have bushings/bearings or whatever and the sleeves will rotate easier..

i dunno if i understand this shit...

in other words.. do abc do a powerbar in the 27 - 29mm range?

and i dont need a history lesson oli on what a weightlifting bar is.. have you seen a weightlifting bar with a high 27 - 29mm diameter? didnt think so..

but i think you could be wrong on what a proper power bar is.. a proper power bar is in the late 20s.. like the texas bars etc. all ipf similar.
50mm is the diameter of the sleeves, not the bar itself. Their bars would likely come in at the same thickness as an eleiko or ivanko, I'm going to guess 28mm.

If you're looking for a bar where the sleeve is 28mm (a standard bar) you wont have an option with tensiles etc.
kool mate, that is all i was looking for.. so the bop220 or bo220p, would be 27 - 28mm in actual grip thickness? ie circumference?
ABC barbells cant go wrong with them.. The higher priced ones will last as long as you have your gym.. It takes a punishing!!
I've got 3 abc bars now. All power bars, but 1 with the heavy knurl, and 2 with a custom knurl. Strong bars that will last you a life time.
Wayne from abc is a champ.
I've trained extensively with ABC power bars and I've training a bit with Eleiko's.

The Eleiko's are much nicer, but they do cost more. If I had a choice and money wasn't a factor I'd always take an Eleiko over an ABC bar.

The ABC bars are still good though, and would be a good bar for rack use.