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  1. Big Mick

    Samson Gym Equipment For Sale

    I have now set up my home gym and I have some surplus equipment for sale: All equipment is Samson Barbells Equipment made from Australian BHP steel. I have been buying this stiff up for decades, but now have more than what I need. Have some benches, seated shoulder/military press bench, lat...
  2. C

    Recommended mats for a DIY lifting platform?

    I've been wanting to build a lifting platform for a while and have decided to clear out the garage and go ahead with it. It's going to be a 2.4x2.4m platform with plywood base, another 15mm plywood board in the middle and 2x 2400x600 rubber mats either side - the only issue I have with going...
  3. Big Mick

    For Sale - Samson Seated Military Press

    Selling my Seated Military Press, this is a solid unit manufactured by Samson Barbells in Sydney. Looking for reasonable offers, located Mid North Coast NSW. I can possibly deliver to Sydney or Gold Coast by arrangement. Or swap for a Samson Seated Calf Raise Machine. I have offered it here...
  4. T

    FS: [BNE] Squat stand, Safety Squat Bar,Trap Bar

    Hi guys, With a recent house move, I need to get rid of some of my stuff. These were all purchased from Southside Fitness about 3-4 years ago. Links below show the current prices and pics for the items when new. Squat stand...
  5. Headley

    Need a new routine

    Hi guys, i now live in a combined martial arts/weights gym, i have access to: - squat/smith machine cage - cable rower - cable cross over - flat and incline benches - leg press - heaps of dumbells - lots of barbells and stacks of weights I want to focus on my arms especially but all over my...
  6. Big Mick

    Samson Barbells Seated or Standing Calf Raise.

    Anyone have one for sale??
  7. A

    This Video Shows You How To Choose Proper Weightlifting Shoes

    Proper footwear is important if you’re doing any type of weightlifting or strength training. Before you hit the gym, check out this video for some tips on how to properly protect your feet. When you lift barbells, you put a lot of weight and pressure on your feet. This can cause some problems...
  8. S

    Purchasing a power rack / half rack - anyone got Rogue?

    Hey guys I've got a home gym ready minus a power rack that I am still shopping for... my total area is 4x4m I have full dumbell rack full barbell racks (will probably sell most of these barbells) and a bench. I'm almost inclined to go a half rack like Rogue HR-2 because I think it has no...
  9. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread #9

    This weeks topic: Lifestyle · How do you fit training, eating, and recovery in with your job/study/etc? · How do you fit training, eating, and recovery in with your social life? · Does your significant other lift? If not, how do you deal with this lifestyle difference? ·...
  10. R

    Cheap Olympic Barbells from GymDirect

    Hi all, I'm looking into buying an olympic barbell and some plates as it just isn't safe or viable for me to use a standard barbell any longer, and I was hoping to get some opinions or suggestions. I know I should just make the initial investment in a good bar that will last a while but I cannot...
  11. R

    Machines barbells

    Some say machines don't biuld muscle and only barbells can achieve this. What's the answer?
  12. legalattorney

    ABC BARBELLS... need some gurus..

    Hey guys, im looking at this.. http://www.australianbarbellco.com/barbellsPublic/dms/Downloads/Brochures/BARBELL-DIMENSION/BARBELL%20DIMENSION.pdf and through the whole thing, i can see that the 'power bar' ABC is an olympic barbell... not a 'power bar' in the sense of powerlifting.. a)...
  13. G

    Samson Barbells in sydney

    Hi, Im wondering if anyone can tell me what they do in this shop/warehouse, or if they have any experience in dealing with them? Am i able to walk in and take a look at their stock or will i need to call up and make an appointment (probably should anyway.) Also, do they sell (solid) weight...
  14. T

    legs with barbells and dumbbells

    morning everyone Tempo here to wake you all up with some questions for the morning I have a set of barbell, and dumbbells that my dad go for me from "work" i think that he is dropping some hints, i'm after some exercises that will work out my calves, hamstrings, glutes and quads using just...
  15. S

    Excercise for legs with barbells and dumbells

    i'm after some exercises to work out my calves, hamstrings, glutes and quads. The only equipment i have access to is a barbell and a set dumbells. I'd like to build them big if anyone has some decent exercises that they can share with me. currently i'm doing squats and a standing calf raise...