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Advice/Opinions on full 'home' gym setup



So I've searched and read a lot and some of this ground has been covered but I'd still appreciate a reality check.

I'm tired of my regular gym for a bunch of reasons and PTC Canberra is too far away (no car). I live opposite a long vacant office building so I'm thinking of making a lowball offer to lease a bit of space there and put in a basic home gym.

I'll finish off a CIII/IV in fitness in a few weeks and I might do some training but it would be very much as a hobby.

I've put together a shopping list based on what I usually use around the gym:

  • Assualt/Half Rack
  • Flat bench
  • 2x1.25kg plate
  • 2x2.5kg plate
  • 2x5kg plate
  • 2-4x10kg bumper
  • 6-10x20kg bumper
  • 1-2 barbells + lockjaw collars
  • set of power bands
  • 3-4 kettlebells in the 8-20kg area
  • spin bike
  • DIY platform (4m2 rubber, 2m2 plywood)
  • DIY toaster rack, probably 2
  • DIY prowler

I've left out some things for cost: dumbbell set, treadmill and rower. But I might get an incline bench and squat stands if I start doing any small group training or leasing to someone who is.

RE bumpers: I've trained with ironedge standard (economy) bumpers at a powerlifting/crossfit gym and the steel insert broke out of almost every single one so I'm leaning towards premium style plates with the much larger insert. Am I being too precious about that given I won't be using mine as much?

RE barbells: I'm not buying an eleiko, I'm thinking around the $300 mark for something like an Ironedge/againfaster/etc bar. I figure that because I don't do rackpulls and will have bumpers/platform that this should be fine?

Overall thoughts? Things I've missed? Things I don't actually need?


I've priced up several potential suppliers with sticker prices ranging from around $3k to around $5.5k (given the spend I'd haggle), most to least expensive:

  • Ironedge
  • Gym and Fitness
  • Aussie Strength
  • Cyberfit
  • Urban Fitness Supplies
  • Raw Fitness

Littlebloke, gymdirect, sams fitness and southside fitness didn't have enough of the list to bother looking at in detail.

Ironedge probably has a slight quality advantage across everything but after that it's basically all coming from the same place at basically the same quality.

The bloke who runs RawFitness seems like a really nice guy but he won't have stock until end Feb beginning March so I'm leaning towards UFS which is about $500 more (basically all in bumper price difference).

Are UFS any good or should I be looking at someone else?
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Many things to consider there buddy.

I have used some of the suppliers and I own some of the equipment you have discussed (we run a PT studio).

I own the Ironedge Assault Rack (half rack). I have owned it now for nearly 3 years. It`s awesome. Never once have I felt unsafe in it. The spotting arms are very long and have always served their purpose when needed with failed squats/presses etc.

I added the multi grip chin attachment to it and it really adds some variety.

All of our kettle bells are also from IE and again they are top quality.

On a couple of occasions I have had cause to sort repairs from IE re a broken weld after 2 years of daily abuse and it was resolved straight away without issue.

IE are very expensive (pretty much at the top of the price range) and their shipping is a killer....but they have been decent to deal with.

Samsfitness is a TOP company to deal with. They are all really friendly there and I have bought heaps off them over the last few years. Sam and Matt have always fixed up a fair price/deal and again are quick to help with any issues etc.

This is only based on my personal experience. Any questions let me know.
Here's what I'd get.

Cyberfit HD1 rack $595


Flat bench (black) $295




2 x 1.25 $7.50
2 x 2.5 $15



2 x 5 kg $50
2 x 10 kg $100
2 x 15 kg $150
10 x 20 kg $1000

Again Faster bar (black) $359


Set of power bands $125



8kg $24
12kg $36
16kg $48
24kg $72

If you email cyberfit, you will get a good discount if you buy some gear together.
Same fitness do have the iron master adjustable dumbbells, which are about the best option in that space.

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