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Careful with Carnitine consumption

If you don't eat your meat how can you have any pudding? How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!?!
keeping in mind that the article / study is non conclusive but we still felt it would be better if we spoke first as a seller of this ingredient than someone approaching us about it.

The good news is that whey proteins actually contain next no carnitine (as it is an amino acid found in higher levels in meat), so there should be no issues with anyone buying any of the proteins we have available.

Something worth noting from the article though. It appears that bacteria levels which make TMAO are much higher in meat eaters, and thus if vegans were to have carnitine supplements, there would be little negative impact. The issue here appears to be red meat, and carnitine, however if someones diet contained little red meat, and therefore next to no gut bacteria which contributes to TMAO levels, then carnitine itself would not be an issue.
This is further reinforced by the summary that TMAO levels contribute to heart disease and not carnitine itself.