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  1. Goosey

    Stiff legged deadlift and Ukrainian deadlift

    Due to popular belief these to exercises are not the same and one is a bastardised form of the other due to people being impatient and trying to add weight before perfecting form. the SLDL is an example of an exercise where you must start light as opposed the the Ukrainian version. due to the...
  2. WoodyAllen

    Gym porn

    My new Swedish girlfriend.
  3. Darkoz

    Feminists, be careful what you wish for

    http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/15/us/politics/congress-women-military-draft.html?_r=1 Kapow!
  4. Goosey


    Sitting on a lounge chair in Port Douglas today, It's very much like sun tanning, I love tanning I tan up real good, but too much leaves and has left spots an wrinkles over the years. i have olive skin, I tan quite easily, the intensity of the sun, the block out I use and the time I spend under...
  5. A

    What are the common injuries in grip training?

    What are things to be careful of in grip training? How do you prevent these injuries?
  6. A

    Nootropics | Nutrients for Your Brain

    who uses them? what do you use ?
  7. Puggy

    Nootropics Log

    Hey all, I'm thinking there will be some fellow Nootropic users among us. A bunch of preworkouts have some form of Nootropic in them. I've been experimenting with some new supplements. I'm not a big believer in supplements, but I stumbled across something on the net, that I thought was far to...
  8. W

    Outlaw Strength Gym, Oakleigh

    I couldn't find anything in the search about this place - Outlaw Strength Gym Does anyone know what they're about? I'm interested in what they have to offer and they're prices but it's a bit hard when they have on their site "do not apply if you are simply shopping around" and "if price is your...
  9. B

    Careful with Carnitine consumption

    Careful with your red meat and Carnitine consumption! An article here regarding heart failures in later stages of life linked to high levels of red meat consumption caused by Carnitine. We do sell Carnitine and are letting our customers know to be mindful of this if a diet is already high...
  10. kaz

    The Thread About Running....

    Any runners on the forum?
  11. B

    Be careful what you wish for....

    For those that have been following the Test Booster trial thread, please take note. If you recall there was a lot of talk in there about the legitimacy of running any kind of experiment without proper controls and researchers. While I agreed to an extent, I figured doing what we were doing...
  12. Dancelot

    Where do you buy your coconut oil?

    I want to switch from olive oil to coconut oil, but my two local Coles and a Safeway don't have any. I'll check out the local Indian groceries shop. Just wondering where you guys buy your coconut oil, which brand and how much. Thanks :)
  13. A

    [Cycling] Be careful on those roadside wee stops

    http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22478633-13762,00.html?from=mostpop brings a new meaning to " lightning rods"