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Equipment Care


New member
Hello all,
I just purchased a power rack which is going outside (undercover but not inside).
I reside close to the beach so i'm putting up tarps around the undercover area to stop the raw salts winds. I know that it wont stop everything so i'm currently looking for sprays/coating options that may help protect the equipment and longevity a little bit..

i was told silicon spray helps ?

ideas, thoughts,


I have a tricep pressdown machine sitting outside in the elements, has done for years, no rust, runs like new. We just spray CRC on it every now and again.

All my equipment is in a garage which has both doors open, so its not really protected from the elements, no issues

The Hulk

Active Member, Site Advertiser
These would do the job, but might not be pretty.
Probably best around the edgest of the steel and on all bolts.

You can also get coloured paint with rust inhibitors in it.

Some things can get surface rust on them and look bad, but it doesn't always go deep and is not stuctural, can stay like that for a very long time.

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