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FID Bench with Curl Attachment


New member
Hey guys,

money aside, which one of the following would you go with? I'm looking for a flat, incline and decline bench that I can also use for bicep curls (using attachment). I guess decline is not crucial. I found the following benches: (also your welcome to make other recommendations)

Weight Bench - Adjustable Incline - Iron Edge Fitness Equipment - Train Smarter

ASFID Super FID Bench with Preacher Curl and Leg Developer

I currently have this bench, but am thinking of selling it and replace with one of the above:

Commercial Flat Bench with wheels



New member
Are you prepared to use the back of the bench (when adjusted to an incline) as a preacher bench. I'm sure you could get a good quality adjustable incline (maybe a 2nd hand version of the 1 you have linked us to) and not worry about the attachments.

Also, I wouldn't necessarily get rid of your flat bench. I find the adjustable inclines at gym terrible to use as a flat bench.


I have the commercial flat and the gymdirect incline bench (but not the one you linked). I would recommend keeping the flat as it is one of the only benches you will get that is 30cm wide, this makes a big difference to your shoulder support when benching gets heavy.

That iron edge bench at 28cm wide (so the advert seems to say, check this) is one of the widest you'll find so I'd go with it for an incline option. I would still keep the 30cm flat though, 2cm really does make a difference. I did a search around for a 30cm+ wide incline a while ago and couldnt find one, I checked numerous brands.

Also 1000 others are going to say this but I'm not sure I'd bother with a preacher curl, just do regular curls in my opinon....
I've got the iron edge bench, it really is a good bench, but for heavy flat bench, i'd rather have a good flat bench to be honest, although it's close.