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  1. WoodyAllen

    Take my money!!!

    Saw this while "researching" glutes. I like how it has a "75lb" thrust to get you back up. I wanna get two. "It's so easy!!!" Magic. I would like to volunteer as a live product demo. (In before Cum Shot)
  2. S

    WTB Reverse hyper extension Melbourne + Superbench attachments + bumper plates

    looking to buy a reverse hyper extension machine looking to buy a leg extension attachment and a situp attachment for the ironmaster superbench looking to buy bumper plates (Australian kettlebells style would be good!) 140-200kg+ looking to buy love who can help me out? reverse hyper and...
  3. A

    [FS] Ironmaster Chin Up attachment for superbench

    For sale is an ironmaster chin up bar, as new condition (about 2 months old, only used a few times as I bought a rack since). Asking $60, pickup only as shipping would just be annoying. Local pick up from Taylors Lakes in Melbourne - (although I will be in the Adelaide metro on the weekend of...
  4. A

    A few Tshirts available

    Found a few shirts stashed away , the litlte buggers were hiding xxl - 7 available xl - 6 large - 5 M - 3 $12 each plus postage
  5. Repacked

    The best physiques never to turn pro

    Edgar Fletcher:
  6. A

    Bodybuilder turning 80 this year compared to himself at 40

  7. jzpowahz

    Monolift attachment to suit Force USA commercial rack

    Made by Mark Gair of Precision Strength Equipment. Tested up to 400kg. Bolts in like a regular J hook but has levers that are counter weighted so that when you unrack (squat or bench) the levers move out of the way and you can perform the movement as you normally would in a monolift. I...
  8. kaz

    Ausbb Anouncement - Change to Moderators

    Shrek has made it known to us this morning he is reneging as Moderator. Unfortunately due to personal & work commitments he is on a leave of absense from the forum till further notice. We can only wish him the best and offer support and show love where needed. Posted on behalf of Admin;
  9. P

    Anyone know where to buy this low pulley/leg press sled attachment?

    Hello, Has anyone see one of these for sale in Australia? LEG PRESS ATTACHMENT Would be very keen to get one =] Thanks!
  10. CaT_SPeW

    F/S: power rack w/ pulleys and dip attachment

    same one as this but Body maker brand. comes with pulley attachments (bench seat not included.): BPR0LLP Power Rack with High Low Pulley also comes with this dip attachment: Power Rack Dip Attachment_BRP02 bench seat not included. reason for selling is i need to free up room in my...
  11. P

    Powertec Power Rack, Ironmaster Super Bench & Cable Tower attachment review

    Hi all, Thought I would review some equipment that I recently purchased from Sams Fitness, I’ll post some photos of my setup in the home gym section some time this week. Sams Fitness were great to deal with and postage was fantastic (sent on Monday and I received it on Wednesday)...
  12. M

    FID Bench with Curl Attachment

    Hey guys, money aside, which one of the following would you go with? I'm looking for a flat, incline and decline bench that I can also use for bicep curls (using attachment). I guess decline is not crucial. I found the following benches: (also your welcome to make other recommendations) Weight...
  13. M

    Force USA F-PC Power Rack

    My 1st post is a question sorry :eek: I'm seriously considering getting this rack as it looks pretty solid but the weight ratings seem a bit exaggerated. Could any owners tell me the pros and cons of this unit. Also if anyone has the lat pulldown, is it of good quality ?. Thanks, Marcus
  14. NightFallTech

    Muscle motion commercial rack lat attachment?

    Does anyone know if there is a rack lat attachment that it would be possible to bolt to the muscle motion commercial rack? I like the commercial rack as a hoe gym option, but in my 3mx3m work out space a lat pulldown is only going to fit my layout as a rack attachment
  15. Rugby88

    Phil Heath

    Looking large n in charge... VIDEO: Mr Olympia Phil Heath Guest Posing March 31, 2012
  16. G

    MM Commercial dip attachment

    As above guys, who has one and how does it rate? i tried 2 barbells in j-hooks sideways through the rack but they are too far apart at 900mm and feels weird. The proper attachment looks sturdy enough but i wouldn't mind feed back from those who have one. My only real doubt is the attachment of...
  17. R

    Where can i get a multi grip chin/pull up bar attachment for Power Rack

    Thinking about making my own power rack, been investigating quite a bit and i love the multi grip bars that a lot of racks have... Where can i get one of these from, presuming they are steel... P.S im only new so i cant PM yet Thx guys
  18. Rugby88

    Roelly Winklaar

    The new kid of the block - Roelly Winklaar 11 weeks out from his 1st Mr.O! This guy could hopefully place top 5-6 - which would be great for your 1st O!