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Powertec Power Rack, Ironmaster Super Bench & Cable Tower attachment review


New member
Hi all,

Thought I would review some equipment that I recently purchased from Sams Fitness, I’ll post some photos of my setup in the home gym section some time this week.

Sams Fitness were great to deal with and postage was fantastic (sent on Monday and I received it on Wednesday) from Sydney to Melbourne. I will definitely purchase further products from these guys, highly recommended. Thanks Matt for looking after me.

Powetec Power Rack with Ironmaster Super bench
Power Rack Gym

Power Rack

Assembly time – 100 minutes (1 person)

Tools I used – 21mm wrench for the head of the bolts and an adjustable for the nuts, ladder is handy for the top poles.

Not many people enjoy assembling products from flat packs; more than often the product has many different size screws, along with insufficient and misleading instructions. Well this product was a pleasant surprise.

I open up the 2 large boxes and am pleased to see a bag of screws, 1 SIZE (21mm heads)…..!!!!.....which makes the task much easier as I only need to use 2 wrenches and don’t need to head back to the tool box.
Very happy with all the brackets to put on the joins, makes the product feel a lot stronger.

The instructions are pretty basic with diagrams and an exploded diagram of the full product. The manual does state 2 people needed for assembly however I worked as a 1 man crew and got it together with ease in well under 2 hours.
I guess if you do have a second pair of hands willing to help, you may as well utilise them, but is by no means a necessity.

Tips – Only hand tighten the top bolts as the top bars need room to fit in, if you completely tighten the bolts, you may struggle squeezing the top poles in. Once altogether tighten all bolts.

Overall I am very happy with the product, it is strong and sturdy and looks great. I look forward to improving my squats and bench press without the need of a friend to spot me.

IronMatser Super bench

Assembly time – 20 minutes (1 person)

Tools I used – wrench, I think it was a 17mm.

1 box, of very well packed equipment, I think it took longer to get it all out of the box and out of the packaging than it did to assemble (which is a good thing).

Easy to follow instructions as all you really need to do as attach the feet to the bench and you are ready to go. The rest of the part like the seat just slides in nicely.

Tips – You will need a knife to undo the hardcore but great packaging, don’t slice a finger off.

Overall very happy with this bench, it is heavier than I thought and went together with ease.

Ironmaster Cable Tower Attachment
Ironmaster Cable Tower Attachment

Assembly time – 60 minutes (1 person)

Tools I used – I think it was a 17mm wrench for the head of the bolts and an adjustable for the nuts, some bolts require a allens key which are provided in the pack.

Once again, just like the previous IronMaster product 1 box, of very well packed equipment.

The instructions are easy to follow with an exploded diagram of the full product and went together with no problem, much easier than it looks. This is easily assembled with 1 person.

Another top product, when attached to the Super bench you have a very sturdy and strong piece of equipment.



New member
Nice review, Peter.

I got a IM super bench, IM db's, cheap only bar and some plates from Sam's Fitness and couldn't be more impressed with the customer service from Sam (the shipping company didn't deliver them on the day they said they would so he refunded the $90 shipping) or the quality of the IM equipment (the cheap bar is only used in the torsonator these days).


New member
I have the bench and cable tower. Very happy with both. I got the ab attachment and leg attachment, both are well worth the investment.