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  1. B

    Cycle Review

    Hello brains trust, Can I get a cycle review please. Stats: Age: 39 Body fat: 14 Lifting experience: 20 years Cycle experience: multiple Cycle: Test E: 2x 375mg per week (750 total) Bold: 2x 200mg per week (400 total) Mast: 2x 200mg per week (400 total) I don’t seem to get any sides from...
  2. L

    program reviews

    hopefully this will be informative,there is a website on the net which does cover pretty much all the well known programs but i thought it would be interesting to get the opinions of peeps here.
  3. C

    Peptides Direct - Has anyone used/ordered recently?

    Hi All, Recently placed an order online with Peptides Direct. As soon as I placed the order I got an email saying it was "under medical review" which I get they have to do for whatever legal reasons. But, I have tried to call the number provided and just get a recording to leave a message...
  4. E

    How To Lose Weight Fast easy and natural taking revolyn

    WHAT IS THE SECRET OF LOSING WEIGHT? Learn how to lose weight fast. Be motivated to lose weight. Be healthy and happy. Put the right nutrition into your body tolose weight. Be motivated to be happy and healthy to enjoy life with these nutrients. What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast And Keep...
  5. I

    🔥Winner Of $50 Store Credit! & A Restock Of Your Favourites!*🔥

    Congratulations to Damien Mitrevski on winning $50 store credit for leaving the below review on our Titan Gym Shoe: For your chance to win, simply leave us a review on a product of ours you have used! It's that simple. Click here to do so! We've also restocked some favorites a lot of you...
  6. F

    Advice on some new squat shoes

    So I blew out the sole of my current squating shoes and I'm looking at getting a proper pair, their is quite a range these days. I've heard addidas make a decent pair any advice and/or info would be great.
  7. Shrek

    Review of Arnold's Mr. Olympia Victories

    Review of Arnold's Mr. Olympia Victories The Arnold Schwarzenegger Files If you go by total Mr. Olympia wins, both Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman with eight victories are the “best” Olympia champions of all time. But in terms of sheer popularity and the magnitude of his impact on the sport...
  8. M

    Hemo Rage Review

    Nutrex just re-released this product. HEMO RAGE is one of the strongest preworkouts I have tried. It doesn't, however, leave me feeling lightheaded or spaced out like some other really strong PWs do thanks to the new ingredients in this formula. There is no crash. It provides solid energy...
  9. B

    Anybody Have The Megatec Power Rack

    Hoping to get some info on this rack, as all I see are post about barbarian and powertec racks, I have the Powertec rack myself, but am not happy with the chin up bar and the lack of band pegs, would love to hear a review on this product
  10. F

    Russian Doctor kills a patient with one punch

    Talk about uncontrolled emotions; talk about in a serious need of some anger management, and then talk about a cover-up culture in state medicine. Why cover-up you may be asking? Because this incident took place (as you can see from the CCTV footage), 12 days ago today, on the 29thof December...
  11. M

    Isoflex Review

    I have tried a lot of different protein blends, but must say that the Allmax IsoFlex Peanut Butter Chocolate is great. It is a very fine powder and it blends in literally seconds and there is not a chalky / clumpy taste. It has the flavor of hot chocolate with a hint of peanut butter. I will not...
  12. M

    Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Review

    Dymatize has really nailed it with their new flavors of Whey. Very impressed. Dymatize Elite Whey and ISO-100 you can't go wrong. The powder mixes easily without the need for a blender. This is a staple in my supplements and I don't use any other protein besides Dymatize. Worth the price and...
  13. White_Lie

    Olympus Labs Conqu3r Unleashed

    My order of the new Conqu3r formula arrived today so thought I'd give it a shot and write a review.... Taste 5/10 I got Mango flavour in the regular version and Strawberry Lime in the stim free. Used Mango today, it's not the worst tasting pre workout I've had but definitely not the best...
  14. I

    Winner of $50.00 Store Credit & Belt Pre orders now available!

    Hey AusBB We're just announcing our latest winner for $50.00 store credit. A big congratulations to Jens Petter Huagen for his creative review. :) For your chance to win, please head on over to our webstore www.irontanksgymgear.com and leave us some feedback! We value your feedback as it...
  15. Chrisso

    ON Gold Standard Whey CTF

    BRAND/FLAVOUR : Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey / Caramel Toffee Fudge SERVING SIZE/PROTEIN CONTEND: 32gram/24gram. (75% Protein by weight.) CARBOHYDRATE PER SERVE : 3 grams FAT : 1 gram CALORIES : 120. SMELL :Open the tub and i was blessed with the most pleasant smelling protein...
  16. S

    ATP Science

    Has anyone used ATP products. Interested in their fat burner and estrogen detox; T432 and Alpha Venus. I have listened to their pod cast and watched their youtube videos, would like to hear from some personal experiences.
  17. A


    who has one? what is your review on it ?
  18. kaz

    REVIEW: Lifespan Rowing Machine

    Ok, I thought it would be too good to be true and it was. Kmart had a rower advertised for $149. What a bargain right? I text my husband to let him know I bought one with an end note of "How bad can it be"? Box had no details except it holds people up to 100kg. Beauty! Im almost half that...
  19. Puggy

    Puggy's TRUE PROTEIN PRE & POST Review

    Hey all, I've had the pleasure to be trialing these supplements over the past week. I haven’t been able to crack out as many sessions as I would have liked because of packing to go away and timing everything. However, I’ve managed 3 sessions using PRE and followed by POST each of those sessions...

    New Advanced Formulas - True PRE and True POST *** SAMPLES AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW***

    Hi guys Please check out our new formulas for 2 flagship products that we have been working on for the last 6 months. It's a pre and post formula that have been developed to work synergistically together. We've managed to get a large sample of data on the effectiveness from prototype blends...