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I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
The new kid of the block - Roelly Winklaar 11 weeks out from his 1st Mr.O!

This guy could hopefully place top 5-6 - which would be great for your 1st O!




New member
It was sarcasm you retard.

I wasnt putting down this guys achievements, merely stating that bodybuilding over 120kg is becoming increasingly common.

Next time I'll use false innuendo so you can understand ok?


Fucked up Kunce
How was it sarcasm? I read no sarcasm in that statement, nor did I insult you.
Show respect in future.


Fucked up Kunce
Can't quite see his waist to shoulder ratio. Looks like he has a blocky waist.
Last edited:


New member
Come on guys, you all now Symmetry went out the window in the early 90's, it's all about mass nowdays lol.


Fucked up Kunce
You mean 80's.

But seriously there are some guys with good shoulder to waist ratios.
Look at the X-Man Toney Freeman.



New member
I don't mean to insult your intelligence but are you sure lol? I see it clearly on mine? even when I refresh?