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New member
Hey guys, I’m half way through a 13 week cycle using 375 test/300 deca per week. Shots on Monday and Thursday. I got some bloodwork done and my Estrogen is super high. 102 pg/ml... it should be like quarter of that or less, like 20-25 pg/ml. I need to know dosage, timing and frequency of the arimidex I have. How much, when to time it with the shots, and how often to take it. I’m due for a dose tonight, so any advice would be really appreciated. I’m also wondering if anyone has a doctor that’s good with this shit, or can recommend one. I’m in the Newcastle area. I knew something was off. No gyno or any real flu did retention, but I’ve been in a shit mood lately. Ive also had really bad tendonitis in my arms and overall stiffness in my muscles. Would this have something to do with it too?
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