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How to wrap your knees?


Extra Large Member
I'm about to start wrapping knees every now and then for my training..

Can someone knowledgeable (sticky, von?) show me how to wrap my knees SAFELY? I've youtubed a couple methods but wouldn't mind hearing opinions from those on here...
I have 2.5m wraps


The official ghetto booty
i'd take a vid for you but i dont have knee wraps at home, i try to explain but ill just cause confusion


Registered Rustler
Tightly is the only decent comment I'll bring to the conversation that many people will forget. Remember, you're trying to maximise the surface area over the knee joint so don't waste time covering areas that is not the knee joint. Most people will use the lines on the wrap as a guide and depending how long or stiff the wraps are or how many lines are on it etc will determine how you do this. Most people X the knee a few times then work from bottom to top. Remember that the knee joint is at the top of the knee and not the bottom. It took me a few goes to figure this one out. Sticky showed me how to wrap the first time but there are eleventy billion methods out there so ultimately you're just going to have to play around


The official ghetto booty
Pro tip #42:
Wrap too far below your knee, you will loose feeling in your feet much faster, and will also cause pain and discomfort in your calf unnecessarily.


Squat Rack Pro Curler
I second the apt tutorial and what callan said. If you wrap tightly into the top of the calf you will
- lose feeling in your feet
- feel a weird pulling in your calf/ Achilles
- have a massive cork in your calf the next day


Registered Rustler
When I competed at the Limbo gym meet Kristos wrapped my knees. I told him that the only time it had been wrapped was Tara and he winced and showed PTSD symptoms. It was rather hilarious


I hate full on cuts from Tim, and i made the mistake of telling him i could handle it, so wrap me tight. My god, so much pain lol.


New member
I've played around with wrapping a couple of times, and it's either too loose and I don't feel anything from them during the squat or too tight and I can't actually squat because the pain makes it impossibru.

Might try that interlocking style from the vid if I get a chance this week.