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Just moved to Sydney, where do the big guys train???


New member
Hey guys,
Im hoping someone from Sydney can offer some advice. Ive just moved down from Brisbane, and am looking for a decent gym in the Sydney area. Im at Neutral Bay, which is northern Sydney. Seems all the good gyms are the other side of the harbour which sucks because I dont want to be paying A $3 toll 5 days a week just to train.

Today I checked out City Gym and Fitness First. City Gym looked good, but parking sucked and the toll stung me $3. Fitness First is only 1.8km away but their dumb bells only go up to 50kg.

Can anyone offer some suggestions????

I havent trained since Tuesday. :(
I think a few guys here train at FF on pitt st?

Someone will chime in..

I train at home now. Buy a squat rack its cheaper :p
Not sure where Pitt St is....

Training at home isnt an option, Im in a unit, and besides, when you work from home as I do, its good to get out. :)
Pitt Street is parallel to George st. If u don't know where that is, move to another country lol. It's in middle of CBD bud cant miss it, although I dunno where FF is. I think there may be one near Kinokuniya next to Town Hall. Google that shit bro.
i train at anytime fitness $480 a year (if i refer u).. 24/7 gym.. no classes just weights .. dumbells only go to 50kgs though..

its on george st
I train at an anytime fitness 24/7 like ceffo. they're all over the place these days. sure you could find one on the north side. there's one at st. leonards; i go to one in lane cove.
How heavy do the dumbbells go at AF? And am I likely to be able to ask for a spot there, or does everyone walk around in IPOD land.

EDIT * Sorry just saw that the dummies only go to 50kg.
Isn't there OH&S with the maximum dumbbell weight that can be used in a gym?
Not sure where I have read it.
^^ I dont understand that.

Especially when u can load a barbell up to hundred of KG in a rack then attempt to lift it.
^^ I dont understand that.

Especially when u can load a barbell up to hundred of KG in a rack then attempt to lift it.

I think it was more to do with the workers OH&S at the gym.
Moving of dumbbells, etc.
Don't quote me on it though.
Looks like I found a great gym. North Shore Gym at Plymble.

Best gym Ive seen so far, they have heaps of free weights and the dummies go up to 60kg.

Large floor space, plenty of parking, and they gave me a free pass for 7 days.

North Shore Gym

10-12 West St Plymble NSW
02 9983 9411

Fitness First Mosman can blow me.
i go to ff mosman:) and newtown during school.

i don't use dumbbells and so don't share your dilemma haha. all i need is a bar and a power rack and its always free:D newtown isn't though, people sometimes dumbbell lunge and upright row in the two half racks to burn some time...
I am opening a Plus Fitness 24/7 franchise at 2/82 Parramatta Rd, Lidcombe. It is a commercial gym with machines and cardio equipment but I will also be catering to the strength training and crossfit crowd with olympic platforms, bumper plates, bands, chains, dumbells up to 70kg, kettlebells, plyo boxes, squat stands, chinup stations and lots of power racks. Cost is only $16 per week, no contracts ever BUT the only bad thing is we wont be opening till July/August, I will keep people updated though and I will have a special rate for ausBB members of $13 per week when we are closer to opening.

I used to live in Mosman and work in St Leonards and went to the FF at St Leonards which was pretty good as far as FF goes. But again, dumbells only to 50kg if that's an issue.

I think I remember reading about a strength oriented gym out Chatswood way but can't remember its name.

There's also Shire Speed & Strength which is a real muscle pit but was too far for me to commute to.