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New Year's Eve Challenge


New member
Don't know if you guys have heard of Timbahwolf but each NYE he does the years's worth of pullups for time. So NYE this year would be 2015 pullups. Clearly that is quite an endurance workout. He suggests that anyone that can do around 20 pullups could do it (if they have the determination).

So I thought this could be a good challenge for Ausbb?

I however, have an injured shoulder and am unable to do pullups at the moment so I was thinking of doing it with BW squats. That is, whatever BW I am, put that on my back and start squatting.

Is anyone else insane enough to do this with me? Pullups or squats?

El Testicle

Goat that feeling
I reckon.. sheesh. Gonna be hard to focus given i'll be shit-faced at the time! :cool:
[MENTION=12395]Grunta[/MENTION]; should double his years worth if he hits the yeyo early enough.
[MENTION=7082]jzpowahz[/MENTION]; whats the rules mate?

Any given time/sets to complete?


New member
No rules really, just get it done :) Timbahwolf did it in 7ish hrs the first time and a bit over 5 last year. Recommended not to go to muscular fatigue as you will need more rest.

I thought 2/3 bw squats for women and 50% band resistance for pullups would work ok.

Alternatively, for those who can complete both exercises maybe a combination of squats and pullups to total 2015 would be ok also? Thoughts?

And yes, I will be getting on the piss too for sure but I always make sure to get a good workout in on NYE. Previously, I've done my 1rm testing that day but seeing as how I am unable to do that, bulk reps will have to do! :D


New member
I'll most likely be doing this at PTC Brisbane also as normally in Brissy for NYE. Could make a day of it, if others wanted to join there?


New member
I can't squat for a few months at least but I could give the pullups a go.
Shoot that's a lot of them though.

Can you do them in sets with a break cos grip on 2015 ... lol the mental imagery is not good


YOLO Kunce
Oh I thought the challenge was between now and NYE lol. Um, yeah its doable.. in between mojitos and BBQ food stuffed in my face.

Whats the DOMS like on New Years Day after last years challenge anyone? ;)


New member
haha, should have been more specific.

Challenge is to be done on 31st December. Get your 2015 done on that day :)

canned tuna

New member
I'm in

We should do bench or overhead press too for those of us with chicken legs

Maybe a bw or 3/4bw bench challenge for cumulative reps over the day

El Testicle

Goat that feeling


New member
I would think about 3/4 BW bench would be the go if the squat is at BW. OHP 50% would be farkin hard!


Standard kunce
i remember reading a similar challange that Neil Gardener used to do on his bday, he would choose an exercise and then a weight and do that exercise for number sets he was turning, for example, 35 sets of deads on his 35th bday, pretty sure it was written up in HCAM when that was around and he videoed some of it and posted on his website.

Not sure which is harder.....