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  1. A

    Join in the 2017 transformation

    So with the warmer weather upon us , the new years just 8 days ago , was your resolution to get fit , lose a few kilos , pack on some muscle? If so join in on the Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding 2017 Transformation Challenge. It is open to all transformations: Fat to Thin, Scrawn to Brawn...
  2. T

    Man dies after consuming 41 big macs during Big Mac Challenge

    Man dies after eating 41 big macs in one sitting He smashed the previous record of 25 big macs. He may be dead but his legacy lives on. Rest in peace
  3. Shrek

    "Bodybuilder vs. Football Player: 315 lb Bench Press Challenge"

  4. A

    12-week challenge: sign up, set goals, and share your weekly progress!

    Your challenge, if you sign up, is to make progress updates once a week for 12 weeks. That's it. Simple, right? You don't have to do amazing things every week, you might have unexpected setbacks, you might even have to put fitness aside while you deal with life stuff for a few weeks. That's all...
  5. A

    I Take That Challenge!

    Here's how it works. 1) A challenge is posted. 2) The next person who posts accepts the challenge, and must do the challenge within the next 5 days. If a challenge is accepted on a Tuesday, it must be completed by the end of day Sunday. ETC. 3) The next poster may also "throw a flag" on the...
  6. A

    Timed Deadlifts Challenge

    I thought it'd be fun to have a timed deadlift challenge. simply max reps in 10 minutes. pick a "level" and report how many reps you are able to get in the 10 minutes. then work ur ass off to get that number higher and beat yourself and fellow Ausbb members at your level. level 1 -0.75...
  7. A

    105kg POWERLIFTER vs 128kg STRONGMAN - STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #2

    Patrik Baboumian, 128kg vegan Strongman battling 105kg Powerlifter Jiří Tkadlčík in a challenge including deadlifts, prowler & keg lifts! STRENGTH WARS 2k15 is back with the second episode from Berlin Strength. This Strongman competition faces powerlifter and strongman with following heavy run...
  8. A

    Vegan strongman up against a 105kg powerlifter

    STRENGTH WARS PUTS A 128KG VEGAN STRONGMAN UP AGAINST A 105KG POWERLIFTER – WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN? Strength Wars 2k15 is back with the second episode from Berlin Strength. Patrik Baboumian, a 128kg vegan Strongman goes head to head with a 105kg Powerlifter named Jiří Tkadlčík in a...
  9. spartacus

    Some of your favorite pro wrestling interviews

    This one is about how to make a challenge, something some of the brutes on this site can learn from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g_lecgQzb8#t=204
  10. A

    Has anyone done the Tough Mudder?

    how did you train? and what was your experience in the challenge
  11. A

    a few have signed up the transformation challenge

    A few people have signed up now , so good to see some people are getting on board
  12. A

    Ausbb- Australian Bodybuilding forum Transformation Contest

    Back by popular demand is the Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding forum 12 week transformation contest have you got what it takes to take part in the challenge? The official thread and info is here http://ausbb.com/forumdisplay.php?f=108 good luck and may the force be with you
  13. steveP

    Max's Challenge 2015

    It's on again, this time starting in February (tomorrow). Simply go here and sign up from midnight tonight. Max's Muscle-Up Challenge 2014 The official start will be in 2 weeks, but the earlier you sign up, the more of a head start you have. There is also a female version of the challenge...
  14. Mackie

    2015 Challenge Thread

    Following on from this thread, its time to kick the 2015 Challenge Thread off. Same format as last year. All the usual suspects @StrungOut ; @KungFooGoo ; @canned tuna ; @Timeah ; @0ni ; @D1cko ; @ink81 ; @vonfram88 ; @gerry. ; @lkt004 ; @ride29er ; @jzpowahz ; @Shrek ; @taurus ; @kaz ...
  15. jzpowahz

    New Year's Eve Challenge

    Don't know if you guys have heard of Timbahwolf but each NYE he does the years's worth of pullups for time. So NYE this year would be 2015 pullups. Clearly that is quite an endurance workout. He suggests that anyone that can do around 20 pullups could do it (if they have the determination)...
  16. A

    Ausbb Ausbb 90 Day Transformation Challenge #2

    The Ausbb - Australian bodybuilding 90 Day Transformation challenge is a competition designed to see who can make the most dramatic improvement in body composition over the course of 90 days. The contest will run from October 1st 2014 until December 31st 2014. This isn't a weight loss or fat...
  17. A

    ok who is up for another 90day challenge ?

    ok who is up for another 90day challenge ? the last quarter of the year , who is in
  18. jzpowahz

    Sally up, sally down squat challenge

    http://biohacks.net/squat-challenge-bring-sally-up/ Did this with just BW squats this morning and was relatively tough. Who is up for the challenge? 40kg (88lbs) for women and 60kg (135lbs) for men. I'm going to have a crack when I get some damn carbs in me haha. Could do a...
  19. A

    7 week challenge

    So have signed up to do a 7 week fitness challenge at the local gym the trainly is mostly body weight but do sand bags and kettlebells , along with a nutrition and meal plan at the start of this year i did it , but 2 day into it and i hurt my ankle took 3 weeks before i found out i had...
  20. S

    Good Living Challenge

    The research I've read seems to suggest that ingraining a new habit takes between 30-66 days, with some taking even longer. While none of this is new to me, my exercise regime, diet and lifestyle etc has been getting abit "funky" since joining this forum (when I was Bella), so I need to shake...