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Parents to blame for kids with Type 2 diabetes, International Diabetes Foundation say


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
Parents of 31,000 Australian kids suffering from Type 2 diabetes should wear the blame for their poor health an international expert says. The president of the International Diabetes Federation Sir Michael Hirst has told the National Press Club in Canberra Australia as a country should also be ashamed of the plight of these children.
Warning that diabetes has become a "mammoth peace time catastrophe" he said where previously people were losing their limbs to landmines, now they are losing them to diabetes.
It was shameful that 31,000 young Australians had already developed Type 2 diabetes, Sir Michael said.
"That is a function the lifestyle, of the diet, of the lack of exercise and I have to say of parental responsibility as well," he told the Press Club.

all i can say NO FUCKING SHIT SHERLOCK , seriously how the fuck does an expert get paid for saying crap like that , don't have to be a fucking expert to work out that the little turds poor lifestyle is a result of the parents
it's staggering what the general population thinks is healthy eating, no wonder these kids have no fucking chance.
grinds my gears good money is spent on research any person with common sense already knows!
Bigger this I am giving up my day job and becoming an expert to make these outlandishly commonsense statements to earn the big bucks.....
it's staggering what the general population thinks is healthy eating, no wonder these kids have no fucking chance.

Mate not even just the general population, there is plenty of people here that believe Pop Tarts can be part of a healthy Body Builiding diet:rolleyes:
My brother has type 1, the poor bugger.

I wish there was a cure but only made available to type 1's that look after their health.

I was pre-diabetic then lost 82 kilograms.

My grandma and uncle lost fingers/toes and grandma went blind then thought she would go on a diet, lost the type 2 then died shortly after.