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Petrol pump nozzles dangerous breeding grounds for deadly bacteria and viruses


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
FUELLING your car could be making you sick - and not because of the price of petrol. The nozzles we use to fill up the tank have joined the range of everyday items that are seen as dangerous breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, the Courier-Mail reported.
Levels on nozzle handles are worse than escalator rails, parking meters, pedestrian buttons on traffic signals and handles on mailboxes, a US study by Kimberly-Clark Professional found.
Infectious diseases expert Flavia Huygens, an associate professor at QUT, warned Australian fuel pump handles could harbour the dangerous superbug methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and she wants service stations to provide alcohol wipes for customers.

Read more: Petrol pump nozzles dangerous breeding grounds for deadly bacteria and viruses | News.com.au
jeeez, well it makes sense now that I think of it. Fuuuuuurken super bugs, stuff that shit I'm gonna put some wipes in the glovy from now on sheez
Ah fuck now your gonna have Christian licking petrol pump nozzles to get the bacteria so he can boost his immune system.