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  1. P

    Testosterone, Training with Diabetes - Docs are clueless. TRT.

    Hey guys, I am new to the channel, so high to all of you that live, breathe and love training. Its a lifestyle that we all love. So here's my story, I have been training like a tank in the gym since age 17 - I am now 47 and still train (natty) had a few breaks here and there due to injuries...
  2. M

    5/3/1 Wendler

    Why no sticky?
  3. D

    Stronglifts 5x5: how to track progression?

    I've been doing it for 6 months... I can pump out: Squat: 100kg 5 x 5 Bench press: 100kg 5 x 5 Barbell row: 75kg 5 x 5 Overhead press: 50kg 5 x 5 Deadlift: 90kg 5 x 5 My stats are: - 195 cm tall - 140 kg - 29% body fat I have found that deadlift and barbell row are the hardest because my back...
  4. Shrek

    “Injuries Causing Me To Stop Weight Training” – Lee Priest

    Fitness, Bodybuilding, and Professional Sports “Injuries Causing Me To Stop Weight Training” – Lee Priest Posted by Lee Priest EDITOR’S NOTE: MuscleSport Magazine columnist Lee Priest has decided to stop weight training due to a debilitating injury he suffered two years ago. The legendary...
  5. Fadi

    Triceps giant drop set with a twist

    Everyone knows the effectiveness of a giant set, where more than two exercises targeting the same muscle or muscle group are done one after another. Similarly, everyone is familiar with drop sets and the burning pump they give a worked muscle. This triceps' giant set does have three exercises...
  6. R

    Arginine vs AAKG vs Citrulline Malate

    I know that Citrulline is generally seen as the most effective in studies, but is there any benefit in taking it in combination with another NO activator? edit: Agmatine?
  7. Big Mick

    Samson Barbells Seated or Standing Calf Raise.

    Anyone have one for sale??
  8. S

    Lets get HUGE in 2016 - 4 month program by Rich Piana

    The Grand Piano is going to put on 30 Pounds of Muscle over the next 3-4 months.
  9. J

    Gold Powder By Bionix Nutrition

    Insane Pump on this stuff, best N.O on the market for sure! Great vascularity.
  10. D

    Where to start?

    HI All, interesting in trying a pre-workout supplement, but trawling around on here, despite the heaps of helpful reviews, there doesn't seem to be any stand out product. Recommendations? Or is it such a broad area that you just pick one and go with it for a while? Cheers
  11. White_Lie

    Olympus Labs Conqu3r Unleashed

    My order of the new Conqu3r formula arrived today so thought I'd give it a shot and write a review.... Taste 5/10 I got Mango flavour in the regular version and Strawberry Lime in the stim free. Used Mango today, it's not the worst tasting pre workout I've had but definitely not the best...
  12. WoodyAllen

    We iz all gonna die

    Bacon, sausages, red meat. Everything gives you cancer. That's why vegetarians never get cancer and are immortal. http://www.theage.com.au/world/processed-meats-cause-cancer-and-red-meat-probably-does-too-world-health-organisation-20151026-gkj2pf.html
  13. N

    What is this preworkout?

    Today I was given 5 caps by a guy in the gym which is apparently something like "Javason" or something similarly pronounced, I tried googling but can't find anything. I tried it tonight and it was like fucking speed lol
  14. A

    If there was a BB bible, what would the 10 commandments be?

    If there was a BB bible, what would the 10 commandments be? Thou shalt not curl in the squat rack.
  15. Frogman

    In what world is this for real ???

    I'm sure many of you have better pics .. Synth , oil . and anything else to inject in Bulge .. A whole generation are in to it .. Dumb KUNTZZ!!
  16. A

    Whats your pre-workout meal, and how long before hand do you eat it?

    Whats your pre-workout meal, and how long before hand do you eat it?
  17. H

    Testosterone Enanthate Pump

    I have never had such a crazy pump I have only used Test P is this normal? I am now running Test E but only taking 500mgs per week for the next 2 weeks and then bump up to 750mgs if all good.
  18. Shrek

    Do you feel a Pump Is Required For Maximum Muscular Growth?

    Do you feel a Pump Is Required For Maximum Muscular Growth? I'm not talking about strength gains, purely hypertrophy. Please vote
  19. Big Mick

    Getting the 'Pump'

    Just wondering if the 'pump' is essential for maximum gains. I am thinking of adding a high rep finisher set to the end of each exercise to get the muscle flooded with blood. Theory says that during the 'pump' the worked muscle is flooded with nutrient rich blood, thus assisting recovery and...
  20. A

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Sells Bodybuilding Drama 'Pump' to Showtime

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to his roots. The former bodybuilder-turned-California governor has sold a drama to Showtime that hits particularly close to home. The project, titled Pump, traces the origin of the present-day fitness industry and culture of body worship to a single...