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Everyone knows the effectiveness of a giant set, where more than two exercises targeting the same muscle or muscle group are done one after another. Similarly, everyone is familiar with drop sets and the burning pump they give a worked muscle. This triceps' giant set does have three exercises, however the twist comes with the attached drop set, which although is a drop, that drop is not in weight but something else..., it's a drop in weakness, as will be explained below.


Introducing the triceps' giant / mechanical drop set.

Cable pushdowns.
2. Cable front extensions.
3. Cable pushdowns elbows out.


As you can see, we have three different exercises, each one placing you in a more of a mechanical advantage from the one before it. In other words, you are weakest in the cable pushdowns done in the traditional manner with elbows placed by your side. This then is followed by cable front extensions using the same weight you've used with the pushdowns. And finally, you perform the cable pushdowns with your elbows right out to the side, creating a much more favourable mechanical advantage for you in order to knock out few more reps until your triceps can take it no more. By the way, I use the same straight bar for all three exercises, finishing with the same weight I began with.


I've particularly chosen the above for anyone wishing to add some different stimulus to their triceps, but especially if you're suffering with a nagging elbow or shoulder injury. These exercises as set above, would insure it's your triceps and not your joints that would give up before all is said and done. Also, each exercise would place more emphasis on one particular head of your triceps more than the others. So do give it a go and let me know what you think.
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Hi Fady
Can you recommend the reps / sets / rest between this exercise. No compound movements? i thought that you should be adding a bigger movement for that thickness in the muscle?
Hi Fady
Can you recommend the reps / sets / rest between this exercise. No compound movements? i thought that you should be adding a bigger movement for that thickness in the muscle?

Hi Zayd,

The 1st set would more than likely be around the 25 reps mark, then you max it out with the other two exercises for a total of 2 giant sets to begin with. You can always increase the volume, but you only need to do so when you need to do so, i.e. to get to a higher level.

I see what you mean re the compound movements such as the close grip bench or dips etc., however here I'm simply focusing and isolating the triceps as much as is possible.

The name of the game here is to take (what seems like a light weight/high reps) to momentarily muscular failure (or when your brain just can not tolerate the pain threshold any longer), only then you move to your second and third exercises. Here again, you take it all the way, and no need to count reps, because here every rep would count.

If you've been performing the compounds for a while now, these three exercises done as I've prescribed, would most certainly force some local adaptation to take place, and that means growth if your protein intake has been taken good care of.

In another place on this forum, I've put up a giant set for shoulders that would have you seeing visual improvements in your shoulder area within a fortnight.

1. Standing barbell military press
2. Barbell upright rows (wider than shoulder grip)
3. Behind neck press

The above is done for 10 reps each, moving from one exercise to the next with the same bar same weight. Those 30 reps are counted as one set. You do two more sets, but this time you switch the order of the exercises around. If that was not enough, you add d/bell side laterals to the mix at the end of the 30 reps to serve as a side deltoid pre-exhauster for the next two giant sets. You'll be screaming, but also growing like I said earlier. All the best Zayd.

Nearly forgot. The rest time is between 2 to 3 minutes, and the reason behind it is I'm not after muscular fatigue but muscular failure, there is a difference. Muscular fatigue won't allow you to complete the volume I've set out in these two routines, going to failure with enough rest in between sets would ensure you get the volume of work (as well as effort up high where it ought to be).
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