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  1. Big Mick


    Crossfit is a cult. Discuss
  2. S

    Nucane - a safer healthier alternative to Sugar?

    Nucane is a product of Nutrition Innovation, a startup that works with sugar mills to change the way they refine sugar. The big problem with sugar, Nutrition Innovation CEO, Matthew Godfrey told me, is how it is processed and turned into the white sugar we are all familiar with. Nutrition...
  3. WoodyAllen

    Ban Keto!!

  4. spartacus

    APU Rankings 2018

    APU 2018 Raw rankings by Wilks scores over 400, as of 17 May Men Bodyweight Age group Total kg Wilks score Scott Hall 150.6 M1 875 483.875 Leonardo Sucitra 73.15 Open 662.5 480.5 Richard Hozjan 115.3 Open 800 464.48 Isheanesu Nyandoro 81.8 Open 682.5 459.57 Callan Gibbons 82.85 Open...
  5. S

    AUSBB Strongest Five

    1. WoodyAllen Sq225, B160, D310. 2. Gerry darkosucks Sq.222.5 B140 D230 3. Timeah Sq195 B140 D250 4. spartacus 5. StrongerThanEver What's the best way of me a souring it? Must be an active member.don't
  6. S

    Australia caught ball tampering

    http://www.bbc.com/sport/cricket/43526870 Bancroft caught, Steve Smith admits leadership group decided to do it.
  7. spartacus

    What exercises do you rate best for each muscle group?

    given all the excitement about supposed 'great' exercises like deadlift, what are your favorites exercises for each muscle groups that you would do for bodybuilding purposes. Mine thighs- good form (high bar) squats and/or lunges, leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, step ups, walking...
  8. A

    someone was curling in the squat rack

    Pittwater Rd stabbing: Three wounded in Brookvale gym stabbing A KNIFEMAN is at large after stabbing three men inside a gym on Sydney’s northern beaches last night. Witnesses said the “agitated and aggressive” man entered the gym on Pittwater Rd, Brookvale about 8pm and approached four men and...
  9. A

    100 different pushups

  10. WoodyAllen

    Oceania Powerlifting Championships

    The Asia/Oceania Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships are on this week starting Monday 5th. Live stream here: http://goodlift.info/live.php Special note is that this is an international event so world records can be set. I will be watching the 120kg+ group on Saturday 10th as Jezza Upea...
  11. Fadi

    Triceps giant drop set with a twist

    Everyone knows the effectiveness of a giant set, where more than two exercises targeting the same muscle or muscle group are done one after another. Similarly, everyone is familiar with drop sets and the burning pump they give a worked muscle. This triceps' giant set does have three exercises...
  12. A

    What are some foods that people commonly mistake as healthy?

    What are some foods that people commonly mistake as healthy?
  13. Kyle Aaron

    certifications don't matter much

    Most articles on choosing a trainer will tell you to check their certifications. I can assure you that it makes little difference. Trainers need to know anatomy and biomechanics, to have good communication skills, and to be able to teach correct movement. Some schools do the first, almost none...
  14. Reide

    Developing facebook for business and getting clients?

    I've qualified in cert 3 fitness (so I can legally be a group instructor) and I am currently in cert 4 (P.T) and I was wondering what should I do to develop my name and get myself out there prior to qualifying? I have made a facebook. I have some progress photos of myself. I have some food...
  15. A

    Finally went for a run

    My kids both do little athletics and this year my son is finally catching up to some of the other kids (he's more mathletic than athletic). A few times this week he has asked if we can do some exercise, specifically running, so we went down to the oval. In his age group (u9) they do 400m and...
  16. A

    what is your weak spot in the gym?

    Is there a certain exercise that doesn't seem to progress, or a muscle group you don't feel is getting stronger? And do you have a plan to address it?
  17. A

    Small/Ignored Bodyparts

    We all know that standard cookie cutter bodybuilding workouts hit every possible muscle group. But most trainees don't hit every muscle group. Which groups don't you hit, and why?
  18. A

    A Simple Flaw Is Causing a Huge Recall of 1.3 Million Bikes

    as far as bike recalls go, this is still a big one: A group of thirteen bike brands are recalling more than 1.3 million disc brake-equipped bikes. It’s one of the biggest recalls of bicycles in recent memory, involving big names like Giant, Specialized, Cannondale, Diamondback, Fuji, Novara...
  19. S

    Study finds Beards as dirty as toilets

    "THE hipster beard revolution may still be a thing—but a shocking new study has warned facial hair could be dirtier than a toilet bowl. According to a group of microbiologists in New Mexico, the rancid bacteria that beards collect could be putting owners’ health at risk."...
  20. spartacus

    diet: deficit of 500 v 1000 calories?

    I have found that, even at my age (53) and zero PED use, I don't lose strength when on a 500 calorie deficit diet. 2011, bench went from 127.5 to 137.5 while going from 98.5 to 95kg. Here is a study summary of comparison between 500 and 1000 calorie deficit diet...