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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
We all know that standard cookie cutter bodybuilding workouts hit every possible muscle group. But most trainees don't hit every muscle group. Which groups don't you hit, and why?


Fucked up Kunce
Rear delts. I don't ignore them but they are hard to isolate. I Feel the upper back muscles doing the work when using dumbells. Feel them working better with cables.
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YOLO Kunce
Obliques. I haven't done ab work for months, don't have time or energy to after at the end of my workout to bother with it. Before it was without doubt my adductors but I have addressed that satisfactorily now.


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Not exactly small but I very rarely train my abs when I can't see them. Going to change that this year as I want them blockier :(


Abs, I can go a few weeks on but then get busy and not do them for ages.
I haven't done them in a good 5-6 weeks. Everything else gets hit pretty hard for me.


Punxsutawney resident
What do you guys do for abs?

Normally super set three of the following for 3-4 sets:

Decline crunches
Reverse crunches
Weighted knee raise
Cable crunch
Standing cable oblique crunch
Occasionally something else....

Hurts like fu*k. Doesn't take too long. Might occasionally do them individually. Do this twice a week.
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Well-known member
I'll throw a few abs exercises in a week, but I feel compound lifts like front squats, walking lunges and even skull crushers work them more than any isolation exercises.

I used to do decline bench weighted sit ups, but I started getting sore hips and realised the angle was all wrong for abs. I think all you need are hanging leg raises, mountain climbers and Russian twists with a bit of weight.

Other minor body parts would be glutes, forearms and traps. I'll usually just do one exercise to failure at the end of a workout as they get trained indirectly by many other exercises.


Small/Ignored Bodyparts
I've written about this muscle group back in 2009 here Rotator Cuff. This is the group that is most often neglected (usually not on purpose, but rather out of pure unawareness of such group of muscles), until that inflammatory alarm begins to scream from the back of your shoulder, alerting you to take notice.


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Captain Kunce
I try and hit rear delts.
With rear delt flyes. Careful not to just let my upper back do it all...

I dont train abs. And they are decently blocky...last time i saw em they were bigger than most bros i know who train them specifically hehe.

Calves i never train directly. They are not huge...but not tiny either. So meh. Adductors get smashed by squats for me...always the doms!
Glutes ive been focusing on this block....hoping i can bring them up a bit.