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    can't fix my f-cked up body...

    don't know what to do any more my upper back is so fucked up with my thoracic nerve. no muscle has ever grown there no matter what exercise and can't really do any upper body exercises. my lower body is overgrown and holds all the fat.
  2. spartacus

    What exercises do you rate best for each muscle group?

    given all the excitement about supposed 'great' exercises like deadlift, what are your favorites exercises for each muscle groups that you would do for bodybuilding purposes. Mine thighs- good form (high bar) squats and/or lunges, leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, step ups, walking...
  3. Russell Coight

    New program idea

    What do you guys think of PPP? I'm just looking for something simple. I'm thinking of doing it for the 3 main lifts plus overhead press 4 days a week with hypertrophy/assistance whatever as well. This is what I've put together: Monday Squat PPP Quads Split squats 3 x 15-20 Leg...
  4. F

    Shoulder surgery

    Hi all, I've been battling a shoulder issue for the last 2.5 months and would appreciate some advice. I've had an MRI which confirmed a partial (12mm x 4mm) tear of the supraspinatus and some fluid in the bone of the humerous (which is a result of the tear). I've been doing rotator cuff...
  5. A

    What is your workout routine?

    What is your workout routine?
  6. R

    Routine Critique

    Routine critique please. M 179cm 74kg, slow bulking, main goal is aesthetics (about 70% aesthetics, 30% strength) Been doing SS for a couple of months with accessories but schedule changed and now the 3 days I can gym are in a row (Tues, Wed, Thurs), so I opted for a PPL split. (Back/Biceps...
  7. A

    Small/Ignored Bodyparts

    We all know that standard cookie cutter bodybuilding workouts hit every possible muscle group. But most trainees don't hit every muscle group. Which groups don't you hit, and why?
  8. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread # 12

    This weeks topic: Deltoid Training · What are your thoughts and guidelines on training delts? · What do you do for delts? · What do you think most people do incorrectly when training delts? · Any other questions/comments regarding the topic.
  9. A

    Does wind noise in the ear bother you while riding?

    Does wind noise in the ear bother you while riding?
  10. Davepuppies

    Preferred exersizes for rear delt isolation?

    What exersizes do you guys do when you want to isolate your rear delts? interested to hear movements, positions, and any variations like pronating/supernating etc. want to to change up my shoulder training a little. i currently to rear delt flyes lying backwards on a 45 bench, then do...
  11. Big Mick

    Dropped in for another look.

    Dropped in for a look this morning since I am off work today. Only took me 10 minutes to work out that I won't be back here for a while, still the same mentally challanged people sprouting the same BS and arguing that the sky looks red, when everyone can clearly see the blue. I feel sorry for...
  12. A

    Ausbb roundtable - Obscure or uncommon exercises

    Obscure or uncommon exercises What obscure or uncommon movements have you found that have helped you reach your goals? How did you incorporate them into your training as a main or assistance movement? Feel free to ask other training and programming related questions as well, as the...
  13. M

    Rear delt row/T-bar

    Does a vertical (neutral) grip rear delt row machine hit the same area as a T-bar row?
  14. B

    Barbell Rear Delt Raise

    Anyone do these, I'm on a huge kick to keep my rear delts killer to avoid making my shoulder problems any worse. The curse of the bench bro LOL. I was lurking an old fave website ExRx (Exercise Prescription) on the Internet and they break up bodyparts by their relevant exercise and this was one...
  15. A

    How do you do your BB rows?

    Like this? Pendlay Rows 250 X 5 - YouTube this? Yates Rows 225x15 - YouTube Any other preferred methods?
  16. S

    Rear deltoids exercises

    just wanting to know some good effective exercises that can be done with dumbells or a barbell:confused:
  17. G

    [Cycling] Bike Computer with rear view vision!!!

    Sounds pretty nifty...especially for commuters...Rear View Vision might be a distraction though http://www.cerevellum.com/ New generation of bike computer: Rear View Vision GPS Cycle computer Heart Rate Monitor Power Meter Flight Deck
  18. B

    [Cycling] Rear Brake problem!

    hey guys and gals :) just got new pads,cables and bleeding done to the rear brake on my bike took it out for a spin my bike and noticed that the rear brake had little to no stopping power at average speed do the new pads need to be worn inare not worn in? any help suggestions would be great
  19. A

    [Cycling] Pop Rear Wheel Up Without Brake

    This move is, as far as I'm concerned, the foundation of the bunnyhop, and will just plain make lots of moves you want to learn easier and make more sense. Your weight back while just rolling along slowly, jump and throw your weight way forward and push down and forward on the handlebars. You...
  20. A

    [Cycling] Rear Wheel Pivot

    # This is where you hop your front wheel either to your left or right, keeping your rear brake locked. # To pop your front wheel up: * Keep your rear brake locked * Squish your body and arms over the front of your bike * Then push up and lean back a little * Borrowing from Ot Pi...