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  1. C

    phenylalanine (coke zero sweetner)

    Hello all, Im curious about these artificial sweetners in my fav drink coke zero. At work everyone telling me it will stop me from losing weight because the sweetness spikes insulin or something. I dont have an education all i know is code and like to lift weights. This chemistry food stuff is...
  2. Stiff 2G


    So Grunta is having a few issues. Maybe it's related to his high blood pressure. Help a brother out. I'm guessing he needs to cut the booze. Better eating. Probably do a bit more training, maybe full body workouts, maybe more cardio.
  3. A

    Basal Cell Carcinoma & HGH

    I've been doing some research on HGH, as I'm getting on a bit and keen to try it for a number of reasons. However I've recently had a Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) cut out. From my research I know there is some risk around increased growth rates of cancer and HGH, but given BCC's are slow growing...
  4. D

    Aussie barbell co power bar

    Looking for a new barbell... i have been using a 6.6 foot 15kg 25mm womans barbell. Need something that is good for the 3 lifts, squats, bench press and deadlift. Has to be durable and low maintenance. Im not sure what knurling i want.... the knurl on my current bar is really passive and doesnt...
  5. S

    Shaved Rod and Tackle

    Any of you kunce got em? Told by a chick today she only fucks Guys with a shaved tackle box. Poll included kunce!!!!
  6. A

    World's Strongest Man — Full Day of Eating (12,000+ calories)

  7. P

    pharma for women

    hello everybody! my purpose is to look great on the beach, so i've decided to try pharma. Please advise me what i can have, preferable orals. What do women use? i am 25, 123ft, working out 3 time per week. my purpose is relief, and then drying. what you can recommend, but not to affect...
  8. Fadi

    To the scientifically minded members on the forum, 9/11 15 years on...

    Are you certain of how the twin towers and building number 7 came down? Do you think this is as clear cut as the mainstream media would have us believe, or do you question the "evidence" provided? As the narrator of the above video puts it: "The control demolition hypothesis is the only one that...
  9. A

    Do you run bulk/cut cycles

    So how many of you do this and do you feel it's worth it?
  10. A

    So you want to be a bodybuilder - the shortcut to success - no time to be wasted

  11. Goosey

    Bulking and cutting

    Is a remnant of the Weider years. if you bulk and cut you are a drop kick.
  12. S

    Red Meat (unprocessed)

    What's a healthy amount? I know this is a Lifting forum where every meathead is gonna say "nothing wrong with Red Meat". And I know peeps like @Bazza20; who like to eat a Cow a day, just wipe it's arse cut off its horns and throw it on a plate, but what is a healthy amount. And I know every...
  13. A

    Budget platform

    So I bought some lifting shoes, and wanting them to last, decided to implement some type of platform. 1 sheet of 15mm plywood 2.4 x 1.2, cut down to 1.1 to slot inbetween rack base. 1/2 tin cabot's cfp floor polyurethane. 3 coats for the top, sanded inbetween. 2 coats for the bottom, no...
  14. Reide

    can someone double check my macro math?

    I'm going to try this cutting thing. So my understanding is that; Y=1 gram protein x 1 pound body weight (136) X=0.3 grams fat x 1 pound body weight (136) so I am 62 kg which is 136 pounds. (Y x 4) + (X x 9) = 544 + 367.2 = 911.2 The BMR thing suggested I eat 2,218.05 cals for my level of...
  15. Jungnaut

    How far into your cut before you experience strength loss

    Yes, how far into your cut (time length or bf% reduction progress) before you realised you can no longer progressively overload OR its affecting your training performance in terms of reps and sets?? And so begins the dreaded strength loss. Or would it be reasonable to say that as long as the...
  16. I

    ? new releases & restocked! ?

    Hey AUSBB, some new gear and restocks to notify you all about! Gym Bags These bags are unreal, no expense spared here. Roomy, aesthetic - a perfect all rounder! Lifting Belts 10mm, 13mm, Tri Series, Olympic, Quick Release, Single prong all restocked. These belts are phenomenal. Again...
  17. P

    Recommend me a program

    Some of you guys are progressing great, so I'm hoping for some advice. I need a new program, general strength and some hypertrophy. I'm not a powerlifter or anything obviously. Currently cutting for the next couple months and doing full body while I figure out what to do. Stats: Squat 180 Bench...
  18. Shrek

    First Aid

    I'm sitting through 2 days of First Aid training. Who here has it? If not, why not? Has any one applied it in a real emergency other than a minor cut or similar?
  19. A

    Small/Ignored Bodyparts

    We all know that standard cookie cutter bodybuilding workouts hit every possible muscle group. But most trainees don't hit every muscle group. Which groups don't you hit, and why?
  20. A

    A few Tshirts available

    Found a few shirts stashed away , the litlte buggers were hiding xxl - 7 available xl - 6 large - 5 M - 3 $12 each plus postage