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Stiff 2G

SuperDooper Member
So [MENTION=12395]Grunta[/MENTION] is having a few issues. Maybe it's related to his high blood pressure. Help a brother out.

I'm guessing he needs to cut the booze. Better eating. Probably do a bit more training, maybe full body workouts, maybe more cardio.
Listen Dick Fuk
I have high blood pressure, not cock problems.
i do admit, I have lived the life of luxury for long time now.
piper will be looking to collect soon, no illusions here.
[MENTION=12395]Grunta[/MENTION] I think we need to take a holistic approach here: mind, body and spirit. Perhaps veganism, some Buddhism prayer, meditation and yoga along with celibacy.

We are here to help Grunta.
If you've got high blood pressure you gotta be careful, next step is erectile dysfunction [MENTION=12395]Grunta[/MENTION] . Time to become a healthy kunce.

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Actually, stick up your Diet, Training and Lifestyle [MENTION=12395]Grunta[/MENTION]
We'll get a roundtable going with all the Lads to get you back to your former shaggin glory.
[MENTION=895]Shrek[/MENTION] if you could kindly change the name of this thread to something appropriate eg "Grunta's journey to attaining his former (morning) glory" or something please.

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Bro, de fuk you fink da Grunta got high blood pressure?
Cos da Grunta live life on the edge, fuken.
BP and Cholesterol meds keep da Grunta tuned we’ll, Just need this fucktard Dan Andrews to open the cages.
Next time you're on Gold Coast [MENTION=12395]Grunta[/MENTION] you should check out Burleigh Heads. There's a stretch a few kms between North Burleigh and Burleigh Heads. It's like the Venice Beach of Australia. 80℅ of Chix have boob jobs, 90% bubble butts, cameltoes and skimpy clothes. 80% roided Bro's with da Tatts and Bi's. Kunce doing their Muscle Ups on gym equipment. It's all about image. Da Grunta fit right in there with his swag.

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