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  1. L

    need a plan

    I have had a hip replacment three years ago, i have started to go to the gym but am unsure of what I should be doing to build up the muscle around my hip. All I have been doing is upper body on machines and have not done any free weights. Just after some info on what I could do to start this...

    can't fix my f-cked up body...

    don't know what to do any more my upper back is so fucked up with my thoracic nerve. no muscle has ever grown there no matter what exercise and can't really do any upper body exercises. my lower body is overgrown and holds all the fat.
  3. Shrek

    First Paralyzed human regains upper body movement.

  4. Fadi

    Side deltoids and trapezius with more of what you need and less of what you don't...

    Wide shoulders with a matching and balanced set of trapezius muscles is just what the doctor ordered. I like performing the wide grip barbell upright rows, as it really gives me a magnificent and simultaneous pump in both my side deltoids and trapezius muscles, however my left shoulder is not in...
  5. M

    New Over Here Ol Matey There.......

    Hey guys, just joined up in this mofo and trying to get in touch with some fellow aussies. I know this is the roids section, just wondering if there is a medical section on this board.I take various medications such as sedatives and stimulants etc, so i was just seeing if there's a section we...
  6. I

    🔥**NEW* Release! Iron Tech Tee & More! Check them out!*🔥

    Hey AusBB! We're excited to announce the release and restock of some next level apparel. Please check it all out below - and don't forget to use your special VIP discount code 'AUSBB' for 10% off your entire order! IRON TECH TEE The all new Iron Tech Tee - blazing aesthetic meets superior...
  7. A

    Farmer's walks

    Do any of you guys do farmer's walks?Do you increase weight or distance or both as you improve??
  8. A

    SCIENCE & HEALTH Champion Rope Skippers' Speed And Stamina

    Want to make it in the double dutch big leagues? Better not skip leg day. Or arm day. Or anything day. Because everything about this sport looks immensely difficult. There’s something deeply unnerving about watching someone’s lower body move at an inhuman speed with metronomic regularity while...
  9. Fadi

    Golden era bodybuildging thread, welcome!

    Golden era, classic, vintage , old school bodybuilding is what this thread is all about. If you have something to share with this "club", please don't hesitate to include it here for all to see. Thank you. I'll kick it off with the following upper body "squat" exercise, a video clip, and few...
  10. M

    Sleep Aids

    Can't sleep at all lately. Melatonin leaves me groggy so trying to stay away from that. Anyone try somatomax?
  11. Shrek

    Upper Chest

    Can it be built using inclines etc?
  12. gmmm1985

    strength training for soccer referee

    Hey guys could use some help I started refereeing soccer last year but cant think of which exercises would be best suited to reduce injuries improve performance etc. Obviously I'm think squat variations dl variants glute work and an upper body push and pull. Any advice would be great thanks
  13. A

    Small/Ignored Bodyparts

    We all know that standard cookie cutter bodybuilding workouts hit every possible muscle group. But most trainees don't hit every muscle group. Which groups don't you hit, and why?
  14. spartacus

    Upper bodyweight workout out at park

  15. Ricko

    Strong Core and Upper Plus Endurance

    So, my job entails me to basically have a strong core, very strong arms, shoulders and back but also requires me to be able to pass regular fitness tests like shuttle runs etc. I'm afraid to do massive squats and go Max rep same with Deadlifts. What sort of training would you guys...
  16. A

    Ausbb roundtable - Obscure or uncommon exercises

    Obscure or uncommon exercises What obscure or uncommon movements have you found that have helped you reach your goals? How did you incorporate them into your training as a main or assistance movement? Feel free to ask other training and programming related questions as well, as the...
  17. J

    mobility drills for upper back / shoulders advice

    Anyone got any good links for any mobility drills for upper back / shoulders?
  18. A

    What do you think is the best way to build upper pecs?

    So, what's your opinion? Many people think incline presses help build the upper pecs. Others think that it's useless. Still others think that decline presses build the upper pecs. So what do you think is the best way to build upper pecs?
  19. Rugby88

    Max-OT for Dummies

    Max-OT for Dummies Max-OT (Maximum - Overload Training) is one of the most popular routines out there, and it can give great gains in strength and size. This article will put in simple and short terms what exactly Max-OT is, what the training looks like, and what to expect from it. I've seen...
  20. Goosey

    Worst exercises

    Your worst exercises, the ones that give you grief, or you recieve nothing at all from them. Chest Back (upper) Back (lower) Shoulders Thighs (quad) Thighs (ham's) Biceps Triceps